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What Were the 10 Most Popular Apps of 2015

By Neecey

There are hundreds of thousands of apps – maybe even a million or more. But of all of these, which were the most popular in 2015? According to ratings company, Nielsen, it’s these.

1 Facebook

FacebookUnsurprisingly, the Facebook app was still the most popular app used in the year 2015. There were over 126,702,000 unique users throughout the year. That is an 8% increase from the year 2014. The app is indicative of just how popular Facebook still is. Unique visitors means that over 126,702,000 people used the app at least one time during the course of 2015.

2 YouTube

YouTubeThe YouTube app is still popular in part because of the channel itself and because some mobile devices still do not support Flash on their web browsers, which means the app is needed to view the videos. There were over 97,627,000 unique users in the year 2015, which is an increase of 5% over the year before.

3 Facebook Messenger

Facebook MessengerThe app has seen a 31% increase over the year 2014 as people figure it is easier to message people quickly with the app rather than go into the Facebook app and do it from there. There were over 96,444,000 unique users in the year 2015, which is again indicative of how popular Facebook is and how people are using the messaging system instead of text messages.

4 Google Search

Google SearchThe Google website has always been viciously popular, but it seems people still love the app because it is more convenient. There has been an increase of 3% since the year 2014. There were over 95,041,000 unique users in the year 2015, and the app has the added convenience of saving your preferences, which is something not all web browsers allow (especially if you clear your temp files frequently).

5 Google Play

The Android operating system is the most widely used in the world, and since the Google Play app offers free and paid apps, it is obvious why this app is still popular. There has been a 7% increase on use since the year 2014. There were over 87,708,000 unique users in the year 2015.

6 Google Maps

Google MapsIt acts as a good tool both on terms of being a satellite navigation system, and for helping people figure out which public transport they should take. Plus, it shows people where certain businesses are--ergo it is still popular. There was an 8% increase on the year before. There were over 87,782,000 unique users in the year 2015.

7 Gmail

GmailThe Google email system is very popular, and the app makes checking your email easy. There was only a 4% increase from last year, but even so, there were over 75,105,000 unique users in the year 2015. The Google mail system is still growing in popularity if its app use is any indicator.

8 Instagram

InstagramThis app has seen a dramatic rise of 23% since last year, which may be indicative of the increase in popularity of the social media network itself. There were over 55,413,000 unique users in the year 2015.

9 Apple Music

Apple MusicDespite the drop in popularity of Apple products, the Apple Music app has seen the most dramatic increase of users in the year 2015. Its popularity grew by 26% compared to the year 2014. There were over 54,550,000 unique users in the year 2015.

10 Apple Maps

Apple MapsThere were over 46,406,000 unique users of Apple Maps in the year 2015, which is 36.6% fewer than the Facebook app. Still, it is an impressive figure, and it has seen 16% more users since the year 2014.
Not many surprises really - hey?


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