The Spookiest Scariest Most Spine-Tingling Halloween Apps ...


The Spookiest  Scariest Most Spine-Tingling Halloween Apps ...
The Spookiest  Scariest Most Spine-Tingling Halloween Apps ...

Halloween is upon us once again. Are you feeling it yet? If you're uninspired by the bulging candy aisles in every store, unaffected by the jack-o'-lanterns leering from front porches, and unimpressed by the horror movies on Netflix, maybe your phone can get you in the Halloween spirit. You turn to it for news, conversation, and entertainment, so why not trust it to terrify you? After all … there's an app for that.

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ZombieBooth On iTunes at:
On Google Play at:

If you go crazy for zombie movies, never miss an episode of “The Walking Dead,” or train daily for the inevitable zombie apocalypse, ZombieBooth (or ZombieBooth 2) should be the first app you download for Halloween. In a word, it's awesome. It's cool even if you don't dig zombies. You can zombify yourself, your friends, and your pets – clearly. You can even animate your zombies if you'd like. Then, of course, you can share your gruesome new creation all over social media. Maybe it's time for a new profile picture, huh?


House of Horrors

House of Horrors On iTunes at:
On Google Play at:

This is an essential app for anyone who loves horror movies. It's available for Android devices and iPads, but not iPhones. That's quite sad because this app has an enormous selection of classic slasher flicks, monster movies, and horror films. You can search by director to find the best of Hitchcock, look up movies starring Bela Lugosi, or discover films by genre. Instant horror marathon wherever you are!



IPoe On iTunes at:
On Google Play at:

iPoe is maybe the most awesome app ever, but it's an especially perfect choice for Halloween. As the name suggests, it's all about Edgar Allan Poe. Specifically, it's a beautifully illustrated, interactive book featuring some of Poe's most well-known work. Filled with gorgeously ghastly content and stunning graphics, it's a must for horror fans and Poe aficionados.


Creepy Tales

Creepy Tales On Google Play at:

Creepy Tales is an Android app loaded with a wide variety of short stories that are quite creepy indeed. The idea is to share the stories, whether you read them aloud with friends or exchange favorites across the app. Categories include ghosts, the paranormal, crimes, and acts of insanity. You can also choose longer stories, plus the library updates pretty frequently.



GhostCam On iTunes at:
On Google Play at:

GhostCam Camera FX for iOS and GhostCam: Spirit Photography for Android are both genuinely creepy. GhostCam is not just another photo app. You can insert ghostly specters and apparitions into your pictures, at which point you should naturally send them to your friends and pretend you didn't notice the shadowy wraiths lurking in the background.


The Woods

The Woods On iTunes at:

This game is … something else. Even the graphics are scary. It's like the Blair Witch Project of mobile games. It's a huge mind-screw. Because it's a first-person game with decent 3D graphics, you get the feeling that you're really in the woods ... where you get abandoned with just a flashlight. It's unfortunately only available for iOS devices, but if you have a friend with an iPhone, it's worth asking if you can play for a minute.


Mental Hospital II

Mental Hospital II On iTunes at:
On Google Play at:

For the record, Mental Hospital III is even more terrifying than Mental Hospital II, but they're both disturbingly realistic and Mental Hospital II paves the way for its sequel. The premise of wandering around a psychiatric hospital in the dark is scary enough, but some of the things that happen during gameplay are downright twisted.


Scary Sounds

Scary Sounds On iTunes at:
On Google Play (as Scary Sounds HD) at:

Eager to freak out all your friends? With this app, you can create a frightening vibe wherever you are. Scare your BFF with a well-timed scream or terrify your boo with a bone-chilling groan. Basically, if you prefer the 'trick' half of trick-or-treating, download this. Everyone will hate you, but you'll get more than a few laughs out of it.


Halloween Haunted House Finder

Halloween Haunted House Finder On iTunes at:
On Google Play at:

Speaking of haunted houses, where are all the macabre mansions in your area? Though not necessarily spooky in their own right, Android's Halloween Haunted House Finder and HauntFinder on iOS will lead you on spooky adventures. Use them to find out about all the spooktacular events going on in your area, from traditional haunted houses to Stephen King inspired corn mazes. Despite its $0.99 price tag, HauntFinder is slightly better because it provides interesting anecdotes about each haunted location.


Halloween City

Halloween City On iTunes at:
On Google Play at:

Here, this one's not quite so spooky. You can make your own Halloweentown, filled with all sorts of habitats perfect for growing different monsters. Feed them, nurture them, watch them grow … and then make them battle other monsters. Harsh.

Fight some monsters, get lost in the woods, make your friends think you're being haunted by malevolent spirits … something on this list has to give you the spooks, right? At the very least, House of Horrors is pretty boss.

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