What You Should and Shouldn't Post on Social Media ...


What You Should and Shouldn't Post on Social Media ...
What You Should and Shouldn't Post on Social Media ...

Every girl should know what you should and shouldn't post on social media. Social media has opened the door for more people to say what they really think about a certain topic. People who do not talk much in public find it easier to write their most private thoughts on social media. Most platforms do not have limits on how many characters you can use. This leaves you with a world of endless possibilities about what you want to say. But, what should you say? What if you do not get on social media that often? What if your post gets lost in a sea of millions of other posts? You might have a good idea in your head that you might want to share with the world, but it might fall flat with the rest of the internet. You might have the itch to write something, but you do not know how to type it out in words. This article will give you some ideas with your posting in regards to what you should and shouldn't post on social media.

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Do: Think about What You Want to Say

Once you post online, you cannot take it back down again. Sure, you can delete it or hide the post, but there are the Internet archive and cloud now. Somebody could dig up what you post. Keep that in mind the next time you post.


Don't: Post Things That Are TMI (Too Much Information)

Thoughts and prayers are okay. Updates on your or your family's health are okay. What you are cooking or eating is okay. Sex posts to the public are not okay. Certain posts about body parts are not okay. Posts deemed inappropriate are not okay. If you do not think you can look at this at work, do not post it to the public. Also, do not post personally identifying information about yourself or where you live. This is just for safety reasons.


Do: Post Pictures

Pictures are likely to draw more attention and reactions to your posts. Never underestimate the power of kittens doing cute things. Pictures can help sell your product and help you make connections to help your standing grow in your desired community. As long as your pictures are professional-looking and appropriate, you will have more views and reactions to your posts.


Don't: Post Hate Speech

Social media has made it easier to see who is racist, homophobic, sexist, etc. Many people have lost their jobs because of hate speech. If you want to keep your job and your friends, do not post anything hate-filled. It is best to keep those thoughts to yourself and let people have a better opinion about you.


Do: Post Reviews

Social media helps everyone advance in their careers. A simple review of a movie can push everyone to watch it or avoid it. YouTube stars can get sponsored by different products on their channel. In review, the company can help them make more content on YouTube. The same goes for popular people on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Don't: Gossip about People You Know

Everyone is connected to somebody on social media. When you post something negative or positive about a person, chances are it will come back to them through the grapevine. Plus, there is a chance you can get fired for your gossip if your boss catches wind of everything that you have been saying.

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