7 Stellar Ways to Defeat Online Trolls ...


7 Stellar Ways to Defeat Online Trolls ...
7 Stellar Ways to Defeat Online Trolls ...

Are you looking for ways to defeat online trolls? You are not alone. Ever since the internet became part of everyone’s daily life, there have been thousands of positive impacts, but unfortunately, along with good always comes some bad, and the particular negative I am talking about is online trolls. These are people whose mission is to bully, abuse and upset others with hateful comments and hounding. If you ever fall victim to a troll yourself, here are seven ways to defeat online trolls.

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Don’t Reread

It’s almost impossible not to read a hateful comment the first time round, but you do have the option and the power not to go back and read it again. If you can, delete it from your timeline or feed. The more often you read the abuse, the more real it will become and the more vulnerable you will feel. Deleting hurtful things is one of the best ways to defeat online trolls.


30 Second Rule

It’s very tempting to engage with these online trolls, but before you jump into something and escalate the issue, take 30 seconds to consider whether it is even worth it. If you still want to respond, then carefully construct a reply rather than shooting from the hip.


Focus on the Positive

Chances are that 99% of the interactions you have online are positive, so focus on those interactions rather than the 1% that nasty trolls are delivering. Don’t allow your energy to focus on the negative when the majority is overwhelmingly positive.


Supportive Community

Whether this means your real life friends or friends that you have made online, make sure that you surround yourself with a support network that can work to help you overcome the negative impact and feelings that troll comments have caused you. The great thing about the internet is that you will always find a corner that is perfect for you. Find it and utilise it.


Get Offline

If it all starts to become too much to handle, the easiest, and most immediate, thing to do is unplug and get offline. Take some time away from social media and get back in touch with real life experiences, like hanging out with friends, going shopping, eating out, all of the things that make you feel good.


Be Hashtag Savvy

Educate yourself on the different popular hashtags that are around on social media sites, because trolls tend to find victims based on these popular searches. Tagging a #selfie, for example, it a prime way for a troll to come across your picture and start to abuse you for no reason other than to cause hurt and upset.


Delete and Block

If you have tried a reasonable response and nothing seems to be stopping the trolls from contacting you, then just go right ahead and delete or block them. That’s one of the great things about the internet. If somebody is bothering you, you can get rid of them forever with a simple click of a button.

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