7 Kickass Apps for Girls Who Want to Make Their Instagram Pics Lit AF ...

By Teresa

7 Kickass Apps for Girls Who Want to Make Their Instagram Pics Lit AF ...

Are you an Instagram addict? Well, you aren’t alone! Instagram is quickly becoming one of the biggest social media apps, and apps for Instagram are quickly becoming just as big. Because there are so many different things you can do to a picture, there seems to be an editing app for just about anything you want to change about your Instagram pictures. If you love Instagram but need some help with your editing skills, these apps are definitely going to change the way you Instagram, and more than anything, you’re definitely going to up your Instagram game!

1 Afterlight

Afterlight itunes.apple.com
Afterlight is an app that works wonders for all of your Instagram picture needs. The app features hundreds of filters, frames, and textures that are sure to cause Insta-envy from all of your friends! If you’re looking for an app to set you apart from the rest of your Instagram feed, this is definitely the one to use. It does cost 99 cents, but for what you get out of it, it’s an app that’s worth the money!

2 Facetune

Facetune itunes.apple.com
If you’re obsessed with editing your pictures before you post them to social media, Face Tune is an app that you need in your life. You can whiten your teeth, hide any blemishes, and even add filters. It’s a one-stop for all of your Instagram editing issues. It does have a $3.99 price tag, though, but don’t worry. If that price tag is too high for you, I have a cheaper alternative!

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3 Insta.Vogue

Insta.Vogue ‌itunes.apple.com

‌‌Insta.Vogue is very similar to Facetune in that it lets you whiten your teeth, smooth out blemishes, and add and remove different colors. However, Insta.Vogue is free. Although the results may not always look as natural as Facetune, you can’t complain when it’s a free app with almost exactly similar results!

4 Pic Stitch

Pic Stitch ‌‌itunes.apple.com
‌Pic Stitch is my go-to app for picture collages. If you haven’t been able to find an app that you love for creating picture collages, it’s because you haven’t download Pic Stitch yet. Pic Stitch offers so many different collage options that you’ll never run out of new and creative options for your Instagram pictures!

5 VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam play.google.com
VSCO Cam is a current favorite app for a lot of Instagram users right now, and that’s for a huge reason. Whether you’re a hipster and want to be different or you’re simply sick of Instagram’s filters, VSCO Cam offers a huge variety of different filters that you won’t find on Instagram but are just as great, if not better than the filters Instagram offers.

6 Aviary

Aviary play.google.com
Aviary is truly a one-stop shop for all of your Instagram editing needs. Whether you need to make some changes to the light of a picture, or you want to add a sticker or caption, you can do everything with this app for Instagram pictures.

7 Snapseed

Snapseed ‌‌‌‌itunes.apple.com
‌Whether you’re an editing newbie or someone who’s been trained in photo-editing, this app makes it easy to edit your pictures. You can do nearly anything with it, so no matter your skill level, you’ll be able to edit your pictures with ease!

What’s your favorite Instagram app? Do you use any of these? Will you download any of them? Let me know what your favorite Instagram editing app is in the comments, and if you’re an Instagram professional, help other people out with their editing woes in the comments!

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I tried Aviary, but I didn't like it, instead of erasing spots and shadows it makes them bigger. It was frustrating!

Snapseed is great😻 just an opinion

VSCO cam is Lit!

Try perfect 365. There's so much you can do

perfect 365

Photo toaster is great! I pretty much only edit with Photoshop, though.

I love facetune !!!

Love your imperfections

@Rainee it makes someone look sort of fake

Morebeaute2 is also great



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