Daily Affirmation Apps for Girls Needing Some Positive Vibes Every Day ...


Daily Affirmation Apps for Girls Needing Some Positive Vibes Every Day ...
Daily Affirmation Apps for Girls Needing Some Positive Vibes Every Day ...

There probably isn’t a reader here that hasn’t heard the phrase “just think positive” at some point in their lives. However it might be delivered and why, it is a good reminder that good things can and will happen. If you are motivated by positive affirmations, there’s a really easy way to get a fix of them and that is with daily affirmations apps.

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Louise Hay Affirmations

person, presentation, multimedia, mobile device, speech, This inspiring affirmation app comes straight from the mind of Louise Hay, a widely regarded and respected expert in the field of self-help. The bestselling author has come up with hundreds of new affirmations for you to look at every day and search for a positive spin on any current problems that you might be having. Mind over matter!

Download at: itunes.apple.com



Unique Daily Affirmations

gadget, sunlight, document, mobile phone, energy, One of the best daily affirmations apps out there is definitely Unique Daily Affirmations. This free app provides users with a much-needed boost of inspiration, motivation and positivity by giving a new affirmation with each daily visit. Uplifting statements and reinforcements that you are a strong person who will succeed in all of your endeavors can be the difference between having a good day and having a bad day!

Download at: itunes.apple.com



Agape Affirmation

bag, font, 3:54, AT&T, LTE, The Agape Affirmation app is wonderful because rather than providing you a bunch of external affirmations, it focuses on allowing you to record your own positive statements that you can then listen back to in times of need when you want some positive reassurance. What better way to see the light in a dark time than by listening to your own voice from a better time?

Download at: itunes.apple.com


Affirmations – Inspired by Nature

AFFIRMATIONS, EXERCISES, FAVORITES, INFORMATION, When you think about it, what is more inspiring on this earth than the unstoppable power of nature? This app draws on the magnificence of nature to bring you daily doses of meditation and positivity using metaphors and images from the natural world. Affirmations – Inspired By Nature also uses the medium of sound to give an even more immersive experience.

Download at: itunes.apple.com



Life Fit Dinslaken, text, art, font, weather, This app, rather than giving you just one a day to ponder, allows you to browse through more than 2300 wonderful affirmations so that you can fill up on positive energy and get the motivation and inspiration that you need. It’s not only pleasing to the mind but it’s also pleasing to the eye with a full multi-colour scheme to make the affirmations as vibrant as possible.

Download at: itunes.apple.com


Master Mind Lockscreen Affirmations

HighWire Press, Master, Mind, Unlock, Beauty, This app takes a double approach, encouraging you to browse through its set of positive messages for ten minutes a day but then also giving you a boost without even having to open up the app by changing your smartphone’s lock screen to a new inspiring affirmation every single day. There is something about the surprise of seeing a new lock screen image every day that will make you smile.

Download at: itunes.apple.com



text, art, web page, product, font, This is a really interactive app that encourages you to really personalize your experience with their affirmations. You can record in the voice that you trust the most, your own, as well as setting daily goals for yourself that are then rewarded with heaps of positive praise when achieved. You can also add your own relaxing music to enhance the experience.

Download at: itunes.apple.com

I love all of these daily affirmation apps. It probably wouldn’t be sensible to have them all though ^_^

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^^^^ absolutely. One thing I've started doing is reading a psalm a day and then asking myself what it means and how I can apply it to my life today :))

Happier is an awesome app!!

God loves us so much, and there are so many bible verses, explains how much and rich his love fore us, that we can't even fathom how great it is.

SelfishBabe is a good app for women too

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