Daily πŸ“† Affirmation Apps πŸ“± for Girls Needing Some Positive Vibes ✌🏼 Every Day ...

There probably isn’t a reader here that hasn’t heard the phrase β€œjust think positive” at some point in their lives. However it might be delivered and why, it is a good reminder that good things can and will happen. If you are motivated by positive affirmations, there’s a really easy way to get a fix of them and that is with daily affirmations apps.

1. Louise Hay Affirmations

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This inspiring affirmation app comes straight from the mind of Louise Hay, a widely regarded and respected expert in the field of self-help. The bestselling author has come up with hundreds of new affirmations for you to look at every day and search for a positive spin on any current problems that you might be having. Mind over matter!

Download at: itunes.apple.com


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