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9 Great Audiobook Apps for Busy Book Lovers Who Dont Have Time to Read ...

By Neecey

Audiobook apps are fabulous for girls who love to read but never seem to be able to find enough time. Allowing you to get on with other tasks while you listen, there’s plenty of times that are right for an audiobook. Try these apps:

Table of contents:

  1. Scribd
  2. Overdrive
  3. Librivox audio books free
  4. Audible for android
  5. Audio books by audiobooks
  6. English audio books – librivox
  7. Adventure audiobook collection
  8. Free audiobooks search
  9. Audio books free

1 Scribd

It has a very large range of audio books you can listen to, and it has a good selection of textbooks you can read. There’s also over one million e-books. You are able to download audio books so that you may listen to them without using your Internet data. You get a free trial, but they are going to charge you for using the app.

2 OverDrive

This app has 30,000 libraries that combine audio books and textbooks from all over the world. Like a few audiobook apps, the narration speeds may be altered so you can speed up the process. You “rent” the audio books in the same way that you would if you were in the library. It is free to download and use.

3 LibriVox Audio Books Free

This is a free audio book app that has an easy-to-navigate interface. There are 15,000 books you can read for free if you are in the UK, and there are 50,000 if you live in the USA. The only downside is that they are recorded and edited by volunteers, so you may end up with Sloppy Lips Lucy reading out your Charles Dickens.

4 Audible for Android

You get a month free for a trial, and then they charge you a fee, which is like a membership fee for a library. They have over 180,000 audiobooks in numerous different languages in many popular and modern titles.

5 Audio Books by Audiobooks

It has an uninspired title for an audio book app but there are 2500 free audio books you can listen to. You are able to sign up and get a book for free, and then they charge you. The app has numerous options such as bookmaking and speeding up the narration speed.

6 English Audio Books – Librivox

This audio book app allows you to listen to English audio books and sharpen up your language skills at the same time. There’s around 3000 audio books, and they are all free to listen to. You are able to download the books, so that you may listen to them offline when you do not have an Internet available.

7 Adventure Audiobook Collection

You are going to recognize a great many of the titles within the libraries of this app. It is a free-to-use app that has plenty of public domain stories that have been turned into audio books. You can stream the books or download them. It is one of the many niche audiobook apps you can find on Google Play.

8 Free Audiobooks Search

This is an app that allows you to search for free audio books. You can search for ones that you may stream, and audio books you may download. There are plenty of free audio books, and there are thousands upon thousands of paid ones.

9 Audio Books Free

These are two apps that were created by Digital Press publishing. They have a large number of free audio books. They are mostly public domain audio books that they call classics. There is a wide selection, and they are free.

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