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Not all food apps are equal. Some food apps are merely to bring you great recipes. And then some food apps are what foodie dreams are made of. Foodie apps explore the exciting world of food - recipes, ingredients, trends, cooking techniques, menu planning, restaurants, and party hosting et al.

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Big Oven

Big Oven itunes.apple.com

With this app, you can search for recipes and then store them in your own virtual cookbook. They have a rather expansive collection. You can choose the ones that you prefer and keep them. The more you try to enjoy, then the larger your personal collection becomes.



Wineglass itunes.apple.com

This is a fun little app for people that are not sure which wine to pick, and frankly that reason alone is enough to warrant a $4.99 purchase. Let’s break down the issue: even a dedicated foodie will only experience a small range of wines. It is very easy to pick a wine, pay a reasonable amount of money and then not enjoy it as much as you had hoped. With this app, you take a photo of the wine list and up pop a number of wine reviews. A small expense here may help you save a fortune in the long-run.
($4.99 on iOS)



Appetites itunes.apple.com

This is an app that gives you recipes and teaches you how to cook. It allows you to buy the ingredients on your phone, which is how the app creators make their money. As a consequence the app is free to download and use.


Martha Stewart Everyday Food

Martha Stewart Everyday Food itunes.apple.com

Martha Stuart has one of her own foodie apps that is full of her easy-to-do recipes, as well as a few more sophisticated recipes you can try. It allows you to create ingredient lists you can use to shop and you can use to share with friends.
($0.99 on iOS)


Paprika Recipe Manager

Paprika Recipe Manager play.google.com

This is a comparatively unknown app, but is currently receiving a lot of positive word-of-mouth traffic because of its simple and easy-to-use interface that mingles complex ideas with beautiful pictures. It looks as if somebody has taken a lot of time and effort to create the recipes. After a few browser fixes it has become a very good go-to app for recipes if you are sick of trawling through hundreds of different varieties of the same meal.
($4.99 on Android and iOS)




With this app, you may book a table in over 20,000 restaurants across the US. The app mainly deals with restaurants that are in bigger cities and restaurants that have opted in. With time, more and more restaurants may sign up, but only time will tell. The app is free, so download it and scan for restaurants in your area. If a few are listed, then it may be worth keeping the app.




This app is built to help people find restaurants and eateries in their local area. It is updated in most major cities and towns. It is a free app that is financed by adverts. It is good for finding places to eat if you are new to an area. Sadly, much of the data mined from the Internet, so some places are out of date.


The Fridge


This app allows you to track the status of your fresh fruit and vegetables. It lets you know what is fresh in your fridge and what isn’t. There is also function that allows you to track the suitability of your food for certain things. For example, your cherry tomatoes may be too far gone to use on a fresh salad, but may still be suitable for inclusion in your bolognaise. The best feature is that you can set it to warn you when your food is going to go off so you can eat it before it does.
($1.99 on iOS)




This app teaches you how to figure out what it ripe and what is not. You often see people tapping grapefruits or squeezing courgettes (Zucchini) in the local store. Some of them are just plain fruity, and others are checking how ripe the fruit and veg is. You can learn what is ripe and what is not, which is ideal if you are planning on using the fruit or veg that night.
($1.99 on iOS)

What great foodie apps can you recommend? I’d love to hear what you’re currently using.

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I am a certified foodie and I will definitely try this apps. Thank you!

Appetites it's not free... At least not for ios 😔

yall should try yummly! it gives recipes according to your likes/dislikes/diet/taste/prep time and more! hands down the best food app I have ever used

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