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Facebook Hacks to Make the Site Fun Again ...

By Holly

Facebook used to be the most popular website in the world. Even though it's still immensely popular, it doesn't mean that we actually like using the site. Most of us just visit it out of habit, because we couldn't stop if we wanted to. If that describes you, and you're not the biggest Facebook fan anymore, here are a few hacks that'll make you more willing to visit the site:

1 Never Get Tagged in Unflattering Photos Again

Never Get Tagged in Unflattering Photos Again Don't you hate when you log onto Facebook and see an unflattering photo of yourself? Well, that doesn't have to happen anymore. If you go under your timeline, press "tagging," and then take a look at "review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline,” you can stop your friends from posting pictures onto your wall. That way, you won't be tagged in a photo unless you agree to it.

2 Stop Seeing Your Annoying Friend's Posts
If you can't stand looking at certain people's statuses, but don't actually want to unfriend them, you can unfollow them instead. Just go to their page and click "unfollow." That way, their posts won't pop up on your timeline, but you'll still be able to stalk their page whenever you'd like. Plus, they'll have no idea that you think they're ridiculously annoying.


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3 Block Annoying People from Talking to You
If you want to keep your Facebook chat on, so that your crush can message you, but don't want a certain someone to message you, go to "advanced settings" in chat. That way, you can stop certain people from talking to you.

4 Talk to Your Friends for Free

Talk to Your Friends for Free If you have friends that live around the world, don't waste your minutes by calling them on your cell. Instead, you can make free calls over Facebook messenger. It won't cost you a dime.

5 Get Rid of the "Seen" Notification

Get Rid of the "Seen" Notification If you download then you won't have to worry about your friends getting mad at you when you don't respond to them. The extension will take away the “seen” notification on chat, which means they'll have no idea that you've read their messages. You can ignore them all you want and they won't have any clue.

6 Delete Your Search History

Delete Your Search History Did you know that Facebook keeps track of all of the people you've stalked? In order to get rid of the evidence, you should click on “Activity Log” on your Facebook page. Go under “more” and then “search.” After that, you can delete all of the people that you've searched for in the past. That way, there won't be any evidence of how creepy you really are.

7 Stop Apps from Posting on Your Wall

Stop Apps from Posting on Your Wall Don't you hate when random pages you've viewed pop up on your Facebook wall? It can be embarrassing. That's why you should go to "settings," click on "apps," and then untick the box that says "This App Can Post.” That way, you won't have to worry about strange things popping up on your page in the future.

If you use these Facebook hacks, the site won't seem as irritating anymore. Then you can enjoy Facebook the way that you did when it first came out. What other Facebook hacks have you heard about?

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