The Best Astrology Apps for Girls Who Love to Know Their Future ...


The Best Astrology Apps for Girls Who Love to Know Their Future ...
The Best Astrology Apps for Girls Who Love to Know Their Future ...

You’ve probably already noticed, but we love to indulge in a little astrology around here! Whether you actually believe in it or not, there is something really fun about checking your horoscope and seeing what might in store for your future based on your zodiac sign. Along with our site, of course, there are plenty of great sources of astrology information across the internet, and one of my favourite ways to keep up with things is via an app. Here are some of the best astrology apps for girls who love knowing what’s in their future!

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The Daily Horoscope

red, text, font, logo, product, This is probably the best astrology app around. It’s a horoscope app that provides daily, monthly, weekly, even yearly projections based on lots of different subjects and themes that you can choose from. The best thing about it is that it is constantly upgrading and getting better, so the app never feels like it is old and out of date. It can even do a Chinese calendar reading and a Druid horoscope!


The Secret Language

yellow, text, font, line, logo, In this app, you can put in specific birth dates and unlock secrets about lots of the personality types that are specific to those dates. It follows the idea that people born on the same day tend to have similar traits. Not only is it really entertaining, but it can be very insightful!


Druid Oracle Cards

owl, bird of prey, bird, beak, product, This is an astrology app that looks to provide mediation, inspiration and spiritual guidance. It uses methods that date back to Native American tradition, in which they believed that animals were the sacred guardians and protectors of humans. It might take a little getting used to, but once you understand it, it’s really amazing.


Astrology Zone

blue, product, logo, font, brand, Providing a horoscope that leaves no stone unturned, Astrology Zone’s Susan Miller goes deep with her thorough descriptions of the planets' activities, making the app's content great for an immersive read anytime.


Palm Reading Booth

product, font, graphics, computer wallpaper, logo, If you don’t have the time to go out to a professional to get your palm read, you can always do the cheat’s version with this handy app! All you have to do is scan pictures of your palms into the app, and the rest is done automatically. It analyses the lines and creases and provides you with a reading based on the lines and the connections that they have to the world. It might not be the most accurate reading in the entire world, but that doesn’t stop it from being a lot of fun!

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