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Improve Your Love Life with Relationship Apps ...

By Neecey

There is an incredible number of apps available for better relationships. Do you need to improve communication? Do you not have enough time together? In an LDR and need a cheaper way to stay in touch? Things not so hot in the bedroom? There’s an app for that and so many more besides. Here’s a tiny selection of relationship apps and if what you need isn’t here, I’m sure a search will find it.

1 Avocado

Hold your shared memories, photos, messages and such in this app for safe keeping and to keep all your memories together.

2 Wickr

Wickr allows you to send pictures, texts, videos and PDFs privately to your beloved.

3 Icebreak for Couples

Icebreak for

Answer questions on the app and your partner does the same, you then compare answers to learn more about each other.

4 Call Sweetheart


Pop the number of your beloved into the app and you can call or text that person with the tap of a button.

5 Couple

Share messages between the two of you in privacy instead of sharing inbox space with other people on SMS and email accounts.

6 Bliss

This is the app version of the sexy dice that tell you what sexy move to make next.

7 Kouply

You can give your partner points for doing nice things; it is good for romantic couples and not controlling or insecure couples.

8 Fix a Fight

Fix a

Note how angry you are and work through the things you can do to fix the fight and make things all nice again.

9 Simply Us


Synchronize your to-do lists on your calendars in an effort to squeeze in more time with your loved one.

10 Theatre

An app allowing you to watch your partner watching the same movie you are watching.

11 LokLok

Sync up your lock screens to surprise your lover with secret messages.

12 Kindu

There are some things you want to do in the bedroom but you are not sure if your partner will run for the hills, so find out how amenable he or she is to it with this app.

13 Honey do … Me!

Honey do … Me!

The shareable to-do list perfect for those with a forgetful partner. Even “remember to pick up the dry cleaning” can be made to sound romantic when you use this app.

14 Relation Tips


Simple, straightforward tips to help you improve relations with your SO (and up to 7 other important people in your life).

15 Relationship Tips


Similar to #14 but for Android.

16 Pocket KamaSutra


Improve your sex life.

17 Whatsapp Messenger


Make keeping in touch in your LDR cheap and easy.

18 Between

Store and share memories to create greater intimacy.

19 Sesame Gifts


Need help in choosing a special gift for your loved one? Try this app.

20 Dirty Games: Truth or Dare

Dirty Games: Truth or

Spice up your love life. Dare you?

If you've used some great relationship apps, please tell us about them.

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