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Awesome Apps Travel Junkies Need on Their Phones ...

By Neecey

There are far more options in travel apps than those that help you find great deals or book a flight or vacation. If you are going to take your smartphone with you on a trip - and why wouldn’t you - you might as well make it work smart for you. Here’s a selection of travel apps you might never have thought about.

1 Flush

FlushWhen you gotta go, you gotta go! This great app will use your phone’s GPS to find the closest public toilet to your location!

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2 Kindle

KindleAnybody who travels a lot will know that carrying excess book weight is not ideal, so have all your books in a single place with the Kindle app.

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3 WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp MessengerWhatsApp should be your messaging service of choice because there are no charges for international messaging, anywhere in the world.

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4 Skype

SkypeAgain, another app that is essential for free and easy communication between you and your friends and family while you are away.

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5 Vert

VertVert is a handy app that you can use to translate foreign units, currencies and measurements in to numbers that you actually understand.

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6 Splitwise

SplitwiseIf you are traveling in a group, splitting a bill can sometimes be tricky, so this app can help solve any disputes really easily.

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7 Touchnote

TouchnoteThis is a great app that allows you to create and send postcards for a small fee at the touch of button.

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8 WeatherPRO

WeatherPROThis app gives you a detailed and accurate prediction of what the weather is going to be like while you are on your travels.

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9 Mandic MagiC

Mandic MagiCThis app really is magic, helping you to search and then save any free Wi-Fi hotspots and passwords in the cities that you travel through.

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10 AroundMe

AroundMeA simple app that gives you lists of the nearest banks, restaurants, hotels, anything that you might need whilst traveling in an unknown city.

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11 Prey anti Theft

Prey anti TheftA handy app that allows you to remotely lock and track your phone should it happen to be lost or stolen whilst you are traveling.

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MAPS.MEA brilliant app that saves on your data usage by allowing you to download maps for offline viewing.

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13 Vivino

VivinoThis is a great app for those in search of great wine on their travels, with a database full of different wines with reviews and ratings.

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14 Untappd

UntappdUntappd is the beer related version of Vivino, helping you to keep track of and discover more beers across the world.

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15 IMedJet

IMedJetLiterally a lifesaving app, full of handy instructions for different ailments including CPR and treatments for allergies.


16 Tourist Eye

Tourist EyeTourist Eye is pretty much the whole package when it comes to having all the info when on your travels, from hotels to itineraries and recommendations.

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17 Gogobot

GogobotA comprehensive city guide that is so helpful you will feel like you have been to the location many times before.

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18 Packing Pro

Packing ProA really handy app that you can turn to to make sure that you do not forget anything important when packing your suitcase for your travels.

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19 Instagram

InstagramFor those who don't have it yet! You need Instagram to show everybody back at home just how much fun you are having in the glorious locations you are visiting!

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