I-Phone Too Slow? Try These Tips to Speed It up ...


I-Phone Too Slow? Try These Tips to Speed It up ...
I-Phone Too Slow? Try These Tips to Speed It up ...

Don’t you just hate it when your devices work at a snail’s pace? It can be frustrating for even the most patient people (I’m not patient!). There are some ways to speed up your iPhone if you’re interested to know. Read on!

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Disable Automatic Downloads

Your automatic downloads are sucking down your Internet use and will slow your phone down as they occur. Go to Settings > App and iTunes Stores, then disable the processes that run in the background and update your software. By all means, you should update your software, but having it run in the background automatically may be a bad idea if you want to use your phone efficiently.


Clear Your Web Browser Cache

Erasing your browser cookies, history and temporary files from your phone is going to negatively affect your browsing experience, but only in a very minor way. For some people, the inconvenience of having to reload a page or of having untargeted adverts on websites is worth having a faster phone. Your history, cookies and temp files are used by websites as you visit them, which slows your phone down as you browse the Internet.


Remove Apps You No Longer Use

Clearing a little space may make your iPhone run a little more efficiently. You can clear apps from your phone via Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage. Do not delete apps that you have paid for unless you are 100% sure you will not use them again.


Keep Your Phone up to Date

If your apps and your phone are/is up to date, then your phone will probably run faster. Up to date apps may have patches that help them run faster, and may have better guards against hackers and malware. It also makes it more difficult for hackers to break into your systems and slow your computer down.


Erase Old Texts

Old texts and messages are just wasted space. They make things such as virus scans take longer, so delete them when you have the chance. This means deleting your old SMS messages, and the messages you have received on your apps.


Stop Your Background Apps

Apple is rather good when it comes to background apps. Their systems are not built to enable multiple background apps to run whilst you use your phone, but it will allow some, and it may be a good idea to turn them off. Your phone will be more efficient if it only has one or two processes running at one time. Turn off things such as your GPS or signal scanners.


Restart Your IPhone

If your phone is going very slow, it may have undertaken a task that it cannot shake off. To speed up your phone, it may be a good idea to simply restart it. Restarting is one of the oldest tricks to speed up your iPhone. Just like with your laptop and your PC, your iPhone will probably run at optimum efficiency when it first starts.


Turn off Your Automatic Wi-Fi

Your phone is going to latch onto available Wi-Fi networks whenever it can. This may be just what you want, but if it is not, then it may be slowing down your phone. Go to your settings and change your Wi-Fi setting so that it asks you when and if it wants to join a Wi-Fi network.


Remove Old Videos and Photos

Do you really need all 16 pics of your new shoes? Just how many pics do you need of your cat licking itself? Are you honestly going to look at all of those videos of your ex driving his car? Clearing a bit of memory can help some processes go a little quicker and/or more efficiently.

I hope these tricks give your iPhone a little shove in the speed department. What sooper-dooper tips do you know?

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Good article. Thanks!

Reboor by holding down power and home button for 5 seconds. Its better than switching off but not as good a hard reset.


if you want to delete your pictures and videos make sure to get dropbox and back up everything in there.

It sounds like Laura has naughty pics on her phone lol

Also when you delete pics from your phone make sure you are going into your albums to the deleted folder and empty it. Even when you delete your photos they are saved in there.

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