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To achieve your goals you first have to have good intentions. Then you need to turn those intentions into actions. And the girl who is making serious attacks on her goals will use tools to help her set them, track them and achieve them. One great tool is your smartphone and some great apps.

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Nozbe If you're the kind who is very systematic and likes things compartmentalized and organized, Nozbe is one of the very best apps that will help you achieve your goals. Each goal is treated like a project which can be broken down into tasks and milestones. This app is definitely not for you if all you want is a simple to-do list.



Lifetick If you aren't sure of the goals you want to set yourself Lifetick helps you out by first asking you to define your core values/areas of focus. Once done, you are then able to create your goals and use the app to set the targets and track them.



Strides If you prefer visuals to words, I highly recommend Strides. If you don't like seeing long to-do lists, the apps graphs will appeal to you. Your goals and targets are delivered in beautiful graphical form. It is one of the best apps out there for tracking and understanding your habits. The downside is that it's only available for iOS currently so let's hope they issue the android version soon.



Streaks Using the age-old principle of counting down the days by crossing them off on a calendar, Streaks is another of the more-visual apps for helping you track your goals. The simple method motivates you because you want to keep the "streak" going. And it handles multiple streaks easily. It's worth the price.
There's no android version but this one is similar



Irunurun I've picked this one out because it will appeal to those of you who love gaming. If you want setting, tracking and achieving your goals to have an aspect of fun, Irunurun is the answer. You're competing with yourself to get higher scores as you progress towards your goals.



Coach.ME Some people are motivated by sharing their goals and receiving constant encouragement. With Coach.Me you join a global community of support, all focussed on achieving success. And there's plenty of coaching built into the app.


Way of Life

Way of Life Very often, achieving a goal involves either forming a new habit or changing and existing one. It takes a while to do either and requires discipline and motivation. Way of Life app describes itself as the ultimate habit maker and breaker claiming that with just a few minutes a day, their unique color coded system will have you moving towards your goals with success.


OmniFocus 2

text, web page, font, document, line, This totally comprehensive productivity app is one that you will love having on your phone. It allows you to set daily reminders of any kind, from to-dos to appointments. This isn't the cheapest app you'll ever download, but it will definitely pay off. You are going to love this streamlines everything you do over the course of a day.



text, font, multimedia, diagram, document, Do you ever find yourself needing to write something down, but don't have paper and pen. You need the Captio app then. It allows you to type anything you need to remember or keep track of into the app, then emails it straight to you. It's as easy as that. Now you'll never forget anything ever again. It's simple to use and totally ups your productivity.



font, circle, brand, diagram, logo, You can use this app to marry your desktop and browser to one another. That makes it super easy to collect, share, capture and communicate information for yourself and others. You can share files, screenshots and more with your friends and family. You can also use Drolr to text. Everything about this app will make your life more productive and happier.

Apps are a powerful ally in helping you achieve your goals and success.

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