The Best Apps for Girls with Allergies ...

By Neecey

The Best Apps for Girls with Allergies ...

Allergies suck. Hay fever makes spring and summer a nightmare with itchy and streaming eyes and irritated noses. Allergies to pets are inconvenient are best. Food allergies make eating out a nightmare. Help is at hand. Not in the form of medication, but in allergy-friendly apps.

1 Allergy Alert

Allergy Alert

One of the best apps for an environmental allergy is definitely Allergy Alert. It is a free to download app that displays a large number of really accurate forecast for things like pollen count and UV radiation, so if you are somebody who is susceptible to hay fever or severe sunburn, then consulting this app for a full 5-day forecast can be really helpful in terms of planning days out with friends or family.

2 WebMD Allergy

WebMD Allergy

This app is a lifesaver, sometimes quite literally! We all love to look up our symptoms online at WebMD, so this app version that is specifically dedicated to helping you get to the bottom of your allergy problems. The app allows you to keep a journal type log of your symptoms, at which parts of the day they are at their worst and in which locations etc. It can provide a really helpful resource in learning places and things to avoid.

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3 SafeEats


SafeEats is an amazing app that can really be the difference between a healthy you and an ill you. The app allows you to scan the barcode of any food item in a grocery store that you are interested in, and within seconds it will be able to tell you whether it contains any of the ingredients that you have inputted your allergies to when you first downloaded it.

4 MedHelper


Living with a large number of allergies can be very time consuming in terms of the different medications that you have to take. The MedHelper app helps you to stay on top of this by giving you a space to manage and schedule all of your different prescriptions to make sure that you never run out of take too much on something by mistake. You can create an online inventory, which will let you know when it is time to restock your supplies.

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5 ZYRTEC AllergyCast

ZYRTEC AllergyCast

This is another popular app that is accurate in predicting forecasts for places that you live in and near. With a variety of options and tools to play with, you can tweak and customize the forecasts to provide you with the information that is most important with regards to your personal allergies. You can also set favorite locations for a quick look.

6 Substitutions


This handy app will help you out when you are cooking a recipe and all of a sudden see an ingredient listed that you know you are allergic to. Simply whip out your smartphone and type the offending ingredient in to the app and within seconds you will be presented with a list of alternatives that you are not allergic to and that will complement the dish just as well.

7 AllergyFT


Food allergies can be a really tricky thing to handle when you are travelling in another country, so this app lets you create an allergy profile for you and any friends and family you are vacationing with that can be translated in to the language of the country that you are in.

Happy app downloading and may all your allergies be better managed ones.

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I have allergies and never thought of using an app! Thank you.

A Godsend!

I don't have allergies but I advise WebMD for any medical questions or concerns

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