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Sometimes you need a kick in the pants to get motivated with fitness. I’m the same way, so don’t feel alone. I get a lot of inspirations from seeing what other people are doing and how it’s working for them. If you’re a visual person too, Instagram is the perfect place to find what you need. Check out these fitness buff accounts and start following them today. You won’t believe how ambitious they’ll make you feel.

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This app is all about strong women taking care of themselves. There are loads of inspiring women making an appearance and you’ll get more motivation than you know what to do with. Sponsored by the Under Armour company, you can be sure that you are getting up to the date info that you can really use.



Just do it! This Instagram account spurs you to make all kinds of healthy choices by showing you athletes engaged in exercise of all types. Whether it’s running, track and field or basketball, you are going to feel revved up and ready to go every time you log in and see what’s happening in the world of Nike.



This lady is full of inspiration. She’s a yoga instructor who will take you through totally effective routines, but she’s also friendly and fun. She’ll motivate you because she truly wants you to be your best self and she’ll show you how to get it done. There is nothing you won’t love about this account.



If you need quotes and beautiful pictures to get you going, this app is the one for you. The account is run by an Australian workout wear company so you’ll also get advice and great photos of the gear you need to exercise. All that motivation in one place? Sounds perfect to me!



This lady who runs this account wants you love exercise and feel like you can’t miss it, rather than making it something that is tedious and agonizing. She’s a life coach, so she has tons of inspiring words for you that will help you enjoy physical activity and getting in shape. You’ll use this to get healthy and love yourself.



If biking is your exercise of choice, you are going to love following this Instagram account. The plethora of photos highlighting pro bikers and races from around the world will make you want to hop on your cycle and hit the road. Where you go is up to you!



This account belongs to Self magazine, a publication dedicated to making you the best person you can be. In addition to fashion, make-up and life advice, you also get tons of info about fitness and how to get in shape. The account is full of quotes to spur you on, meals that will help you stay healthy and loads of pictures of healthy women enjoying activities that you can have fun with too. There’s nothing you won’t find here so check back often.

What other fitness Instagram accounts would you add? How do they inspire you to be the best?

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You didn't even mention kayla, who's in the picture 😑

Jenselter !!

Kayla obviously the lady in the pic

Blogilates is a another one

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