7 Best Instagram Filters for Holiday Selfies ...


7 Best Instagram Filters for Holiday Selfies  ...
7 Best Instagram Filters for Holiday Selfies  ...

Out of all of the new concerns and queries that modern technology has produced in the world, the phrase “which filter should I use?” is one that gets spoken millions of times a day by millions of different people all over the world! Instagram has taken over our lives when it comes to sharing snapshots on a daily basis, and it is never more important than when it's holiday season. Here are the seven best Instagram filters for holiday selfies.

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This filter can do wonders for enhancing your beautiful smile because it provides a high contrast black and white effect. It makes your teeth appear much whiter and brighter than they might be in real life!



This is a lovely warm filter that helps to accentuate your features by adding some pleasing definition. It highlights your cheekbones and other facial contours to make you look more like your supermodel self!



Rise is a filter that can actually make you look a few years younger! It minimizes skin blemishes and imperfections and also brightens the area underneath your eyes.



Toaster is a filter that can help to brighten up dull and dry skin. It adds a warm glow that makes you appear much more radiant, perfect for adding an even brighter shine on some amazing beach!



Amaro is a great filter for hiding any unsightly blemishes that you don’t want to immortalise in your holiday pictures. It reduces redness and fades bumps, helping to make your skin look flawless.



If you are going on vacation in the winter months when the sun isn’t helping you out with your complexion, then Valencia is here to give you an automatic and natural looking tan! It adds a warm wash over your features that makes you look more July than January.


X Pro II

This filter does wonders for highlighting facial contours while still retaining some important warmth. It’s a great feature for giving you a strong look if you aren’t wearing much makeup!

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