Life Changing Apps to Help You save and Keep All Your Important Info ...


Life Changing Apps to Help You save and Keep All Your Important Info ...
Life Changing Apps to Help You save and Keep All Your Important Info ...

In desperate need of life changing apps to help you save and keep all your important info? Yeah, we are too. According to, our brains are designed to collect new info and knowledge, but evolution put in a deliberate flaw--humans can learn new things, but it's become difficult to remember and hold on to that new knowledge. Use these apps to keep the knowledge and share it, too, because collaboration helps us remember what we've learned. Here are the top rated life changing apps!

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text, font, product, diagram, document, Mybridge is a reading app for professionals, particularly those who work in the tech sector. Users can program the app with different “skills,” which are basically content categories such as social marketing, mobile design or leadership. The app then curates ten articles for you to read based on your preferences. Not only does it help you find stories interesting to you, it does it automatically.


text, font, product, diagram, screenshot, Openoox isn’t an app. It’s rather a new way to organize and share your bookmarks within your web browser. Think of it as a more visual way to bookmark and organize websites, and then share folders or groups of sites with friends via social media. Want to organize the internet? This is the app for you. It includes a customized launch page that features links to all your go-to sites.


image, font, learning, website, brand, The Right Relevance app is effective at finding you interesting content because, as the name indicates, it helps you search articles, videos and more that are relevant to you as selected by influencers in your industry. Grow your own influence with the app by being one of the first to share relevant or interesting info to friends, followers, and colleagues.


text, font, product, diagram, document, Shout is a simple way to save online content. A tap can share content later with family, friends, and followers. Create lists to organize your reading and follow public lists that help you discover even more interesting topics or pieces of advice. Make your lists private or public, or you can make them collaborative so others can contribute.


text, brown, floor, font, wood, There are three great things about Wallabag. The first is it allows you to save content by only extracting the actual article content, then display it in an easy-to-read view. It’s available across seven platforms, allowing you to switch between each of them without losing content. Finally, those with an account on Pocket, Readability, Instapaper, or Pinboard can import data into Wallabag.


text, font, product, diagram, line, The name P2K is an abbreviation for Pocket to Kindle, which describes what the app does: delivers your pocket articles to your Kindle device periodically. Send articles at a set time every day or week or just one non-recurring delivery.


text, font, product, diagram, advertising, Just as the name sounds, Highly Highlighter is a highlighter for the internet. It adds a button to your Chrome browser or iOS apps that allow you to highlight only important or interesting parts of content, then save and share it later. Like many on this list, you can follow others or share your highlights via social media.


text, font, product, diagram, screenshot, Charm is a companion app for the iOS version of Twitter that helps you organize tweets into collections or save articles and pieces of advice for later. Since collections are not exclusive to Charm, you can view and use them through other Twitter-related apps such as TweetDeck or Tweetbot. The app takes your Twitter experience and makes it a little better.


human action, text, font, product, diagram, Nuggets is a Chrome extension that helps you record, remember, and share pieces of advice you learn online. It gets its name from the method it uses — it records what you learn in nugget-sized bits that are 200 characters or less. Also, you don’t actually have to type anything out. You can highlight any text and add it to Nuggets.


text, product, diagram, document, brand, MindZip doesn’t help you find and share content, it helps you remember the things you learn online. The iOS app — Android version coming soon — is a study coach you use to train your mind for five minutes per day. One of the unique things about the app is that it improves your overall memory. That means it can help you remember advice you learned online, but it can also help you in your personal life by improving your relationships and making you generally more attentive.


text, font, line, diagram, product, The Memomize Chrome extension allows you to mark any piece of text you come across online and save it for later. It helps you remember what you saved by making your text available each time you open a new Chrome tab. From there, you can go directly to the source of the text or add tags to better organize your info. The app’s creators say versions for iOS and Android will be available soon.

Whether you want to improve yourself, or empower others to do the same, you’re likely to become one of the most positive and inspirational people you know. Who will you share your knowledge with first? What's your favorite life changing app? Let us know in the comments!

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