Life Changing 😱 Apps to Help You 🙏🏼 save and Keep 🔐 All Your Important 💯 Info ...

In desperate need of life changing apps to help you save and keep all your important info? Yeah, we are too. According to, our brains are designed to collect new info and knowledge, but evolution put in a deliberate flaw--humans can learn new things, but it's become difficult to remember and hold on to that new knowledge. Use these apps to keep the knowledge and share it, too, because collaboration helps us remember what we've learned. Here are the top rated life changing apps!

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Mybridge is a reading app for professionals, particularly those who work in the tech sector. Users can program the app with different “skills,” which are basically content categories such as social marketing, mobile design or leadership. The app then curates ten articles for you to read based on your preferences. Not only does it help you find stories interesting to you, it does it automatically.

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