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7 Apps That Girls Born in the 90s Will Go Crazy over ...

By Holly

Don't you miss the days of playing with your Barbies, Tamagotchi, and Ferby? Well, you can relive those days by downloading certain apps that were inspired by 90s toys and games. They'll make you feel like a little kid again. If you're interested in reliving your childhood, then here are a few apps that girls and boys born in the 90s will go crazy over:

1 My Om Nom

My Om NomFree on

If you were a fan of Tamagotchi, then you're going to love this app. It requires you to take care of a cute little creature by feeding him, washing him, and playing with him. You can even decorate his house and then play games with him in order to earn money. It'll keep you occupied for hours!

2 Snake

SnakeFree on

Remember this game? It was probably on your very first cell phone, back before it had a touch screen and tons of apps. If you've never actually played it before, all you have to do is tell your snake to go in a certain direction. The goal is to eat up as many little dots as you can to make your snake grow bigger. Of course, you can't hit into the wall or into yourself, or you'll die and the game is over.


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3 Watchi

WatchiFree on

If you miss your old Tamagotchi so badly that you want to play with it again, then you should download this app. It's almost an exact recreation of the original game. That means you'll get to do all of the things you used to do, like feed your pet and play with him.

4 Simon Says

Simon SaysFree on

Remember this game? It contained four different colors that would light up in a particular order. Then you'd have to press those colors in the same order that they lit up. It's a great way to keep your memory active.

5 Minesweeper

MinesweeperFree on

This game used to be on every computer back in the day. You might not have known how to play it back then, but now you don't have to press random buttons and wait to see what happens. You can play it the way it's meant to be played, because you're older and wiser.

6 Guess the 90s

Guess the 90sFree on

If you want to experience nostalgia, then you need to download this app ASAP. It's a game that asks you to guess what's shown in a picture. Sounds simple, right? For example, it'll show you a photo of pogs, and all you have to do is type in "pogs." If you're a 90s kid, then you shouldn't have a problem winning this game.

7 Pacman

PacmanFree on

You've played Pac-man before. Well, it's time to beat your old score. You can do better than you used to do when you were a little kid, can't you? Of course you can! Now it's time to prove it to yourself by downloading this app and seeing how high you can get your score. When you're finished, you can hand the game off to a friend and see if they can beat you.

Now you'll be able to relive your childhood by downloading these silly apps. What was your favorite toy to play with way back in the 90s?

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