Hidden Features of Snapchat Every Girl Must Know ...


Hidden Features of Snapchat Every Girl Must Know ...
Hidden Features of Snapchat Every Girl Must Know ...

Snapchat is a girl's best friend. You can post five selfies a day and they don't even have to be that cute because they self destruct in 10 seconds anyway! Plus, it's great for flirting with crushes, bragging about yummy food, and documenting your daily adventures. If you love Snapchat for these reasons and more, you should know about these hidden features, too!

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Everyone knows that Snapchat has the best camera for selfies, and the filters that change constantly make your selfies even cuter. But why choose just one when you could have several? After you’ve applied one filter to your Snapchat, hold your finger on the screen and keep swiping. More filters will appear so you can have #AllTheFilters!


Upload from Your Photos

If you haven’t tried out all the new tricks from the latest update, you’re really missing out! Remember that amazing selfie you took last week? Of course you do, but if it was on your regular camera and not your Snapchat, no one else remembers it! Show the world your most beloved selfie by clicking the smaller circle underneath the big circle that you use to snap photos. Then click on camera roll and you’ll see every photo and video from your camera is ready to post! You can even edit it and add filters, text, or emojis!


Save without Caption

As much as I love the new update, I was pretty annoyed at the new way of saving your photos. Then I realized it is actually pretty cool! Instead of saving photos straight to your camera roll, your saved snaps go to their own folder on Snapchat (you can find them the same way you access your camera roll photos on Snapchat). This way, you can edit them and remove the caption so you can post it anywhere else without those pesky words ruining the photo.


Change Text Color

Captions can still be pretty cool features of Snapchat if you want them to be! For instance, you can change the text color of your captions. Simply write your clever phrase, then press the T at the top of the screen. Then, hold down on your caption and a color spectrum will appear for you to choose a color from!


Change Emojis

This is a subtle change that still can enhance your Snapchat experience. You can change emojis that mark if someone is your Super BFF (pink hearts), BFF (red heart) BF (smiley face) etc. Simply go into your settings, click on manage, and then select the friendship level whose emoji you'd like to change.


Win a Trophy

Did you know you could win a trophy just by sending pictures? Well, not a real trophy, but a Snapchat trophy which is at least half as cool! You can find your trophy case by clicking on the white ghost on the camera screen, then the yellow trophy at the top of the next screen. How many trophies can you get? Have even more fun by racing with your friends to see who can unlock all of the trophies first!


Moving Emojis

This has got to be my favorite latest feature of Snapchat! Now your emojis can be active members of your Snapchat video. Simply hold down the emoji on the object or location you want, then let go. The emoji will move with it throughout the video!

These are just a few fun, simple ways to make your Snapchat even more enjoyable. Do you have any more tips and tricks for Snapchat?

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