How to Master the Overhead Shot for the Perfect IG ...


How to Master the Overhead Shot for the Perfect IG ...
How to Master the Overhead Shot for the Perfect IG ...

Whether you're trying to snap a pic of your fab meal before you eat it, or your OOTD before you wear it (or just about anything else, really), the overhead shot is the way to go. But how can you capture the perfect from-above photo, one that's just made for Insta double-taps? I have a few ideas.

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Clear the Clutter

leg, arm, thigh, mouth, muscle, Before you lay out your perfect pic, clear the table, desk, bed, or counter of everything on it, then design your "set" to be free of clutter. Add objects and details one at a time, snapping a pic when you place each item, so you can tell exactly when to stop.


Focus on a Detail

hair, face, black hair, eyebrow, nose, Are you making your statement necklace the focal point of your outfit today? If so, make it the focal point of your Insta or blog photo, too.


Rule of Thirds

snowman, finger, hand, fk3t, This is a hard and fast (and occasionally made-to-be-broken) rule of all photography, called the Rule of Thirds. Essentially, you'll just envision a tic-tac-toe grid over your shot, placing the focal point of the pic at an intersection point or along one of the lines. You'll have a more visually interesting and balanced photo... like presto!


Visit Diagon Alley

footwear, shoe, leg, finger, arm, Excellent HP reference, poor pun, I know, but if you place your goodies at a diagonal, you'll be drawing the viewer's eye in, and that's fantastic.


Know the Number

hair, photography, beauty, blond, brown hair, For a photo that's a double-tap magnet, show your items in odd-numbered groups, especially one, three or five, which are all ideal for the smaller, square photos on Instagram.

Famous Quotes

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

George Santayana

Go Organic

flower, art, spring, pattern, hand, I'm not talking food (though of course that's an excellent idea too), I'm talking adding a "natural" detail to your shot, like a plant, feather, leaf, or puppy, etc. to make it more pop-y, especially if your shot is something completely non-organic.


Blank Space, Baby

human action, facial expression, person, human positions, beauty, You have two choices here: either fill your frame, or leave loads and loads of blank space around your focal point. Take three shots — a close-up, a mid-range, and a from-far-away — and see which composition you think looks best.


Skip the Filter

clothing, person, image, beauty, muscle, Overdone Insta filters are so 2012. Go mono or color, maybe add a subtle filter, but leave the ultra-drama and outdated filters alone. Step away from the Hefe and Nashville, dearest.


Pull the Pattern

hair, person, lady, photography, black hair, Just like the "fill the frame" tip, this one is a choose-one-extreme-or-the-other idea. Either stock to and depict a set, careful pattern, or break away from the concept of a pattern altogether. Anything in between will just look odd, and will set off your own (and your followers') OCD.

Which of these tips will you use to capture the perfect Insta photo? Or do you have any other ideas to share? Let me know down below!

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