9 Coupon Apps You May Not Know about That Could save You Tons of Money ...

I have to tell you, I love finding new coupon apps almost as much as I love saving money on my purchases! Coupon apps are getting better with each one that is made, but what most people don’t know is how many unique ones are out there, amongst the more popular ones. Here, I’m sharing my favorite coupon apps that many people either don’t know about or don’t make use of, but I hope that will change after reading this. These apps can save you major money, time and stress by taking the guesswork, physical work, mathematical work and traveling work out of your life when it comes to shopping and saving money. Download all these apps today since they’re all free, just like all coupon apps should be, of course!

1. SnipSnap

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SnipSnap has been a favorite of all coupon apps to download because it allows you to eliminate the need for paper coupons at the store. Just take a picture of your coupons or offers, and SnipSnap automatically converts it into a mobile image version that can be scanned at the store. I love this idea since I’m terrible at losing coupons or forgetting to bring them with me to the store. I like that it is also eco-friendly since I can take a picture of my coupons and then either donate them, avoid printing them or recycle paper ones later. It was also understandably rated the Best Shopping App of 2013 among About.com’s Reader’s Choice Awards. My favorite part is it will send you an alert if you have a coupon fixing to expire, since I’m notorious about letting good coupons go bad! Leave your scissors at home and download this easy app to save more money and more wallet space!

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