Phenomenal Apps for Sudents Trying to Ace Their Finals ...


Phenomenal Apps for Sudents Trying to Ace Their Finals ...
Phenomenal Apps for Sudents Trying to Ace Their Finals ...

We all need a little help now and then. Sometimes it’s assistance with something that can have a major impact on our future. Like finals! Few can ace their finals at a breeze. If you need some handy, accessible and cheap help, try some great apps.

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Quizlet With this app, you may quiz yourself, which should help you revise. You can create your own questions and answers, and there are different types of quizzes you can give yourself. The hope is that it will not become too repetitive or boring if you mix up the types of tests you take. You can test yourself after every revision session. Creating the quizzes is also a form of revision.


Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle This app monitors how you sleep so that you’re able to analyze your sleep patterns and maybe figure out why are not getting a restful night of sleep. It will also wake you up in the morning, but it picks a point where you are already having a light sleep. It helps to stop you feeling like you just woke up under water. If you do not know how important sleep is for acing your exams, then you do not know much. Sleep can be a deal breaker if you have not had enough.


Easy Bib

Easy Bib There are plenty of tools like this one on the Internet, so it is hardly surprising that there are quite a few apps that offer this service too. It allows you to create a bibliography fairly quickly and easily. You enter a few details, and it generates a perfectly formatted bibliography entry that you add to your essay reference section. It is one of the best studying apps you can have if you are type of person that is able to learn via essays and such. It is a big time saver.


Study Blue

Study Blue This is a well-known app that allows you to create flashcards and/or look at the flashcards that other people have created. You run the flashcards in the same way you may run them if you did them by hand. You can use them to revise, to learn new things, and to memorize things. It is one of the best studying apps for students that are accustomed to learning things with flashcards.



Forest This is a weird idea that a student came up with. To keep you off your phone while you are revising, you must grow a tree on your phone. Don’t use your phone for half an hour and a tree grows. Eventually, you have a forest, where you can see how many study sessions you have had without distractions.

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6 If you are the type of girl who likes to leave yourself notes or make to-do lists, then you probably have a lot of them right about now. If that is the case, use this app and collect them all together in one place. You can organize them and therefore organize your life a little better. If you are the sort of person that creates study notes and then cannot put them into context later, then this app may be the one for you.



Mindomo This is a mind map generator you can use to create mind maps and then organize them. You can arrange your notes, or you can brainstorm your ideas, or you may create a timeline and add in relevant information that you need to memorize. If you know how to use them correctly, mind maps can be a great tool. If you are not aware how mind maps work, then you should really learn about them so you may use them when you are revising.



text, font, product, biology, diagram, If you're having trouble getting organized so you can study for your finals, this app will help. Through a series of questions, it will help you prioritize your work and get unstuck. Then, you can create a goal that lets you get everything done and helps you study effectively so that you can pass all of your finals and move on to your break.



text, font, line, brand, advertising, If you need help with your studying, but aren't with your study partners, this app is a must. You can use it to share your notes and let your friends share their notes with you. It also keeps all those notes organized so you can find what you're looking for. If you love group study sessions, you are going to adore having this app on your smartphone.

Good luck with your finals!

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