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7 Lenses for Your IPhone to Take Your Summer Selfies to the Next Level ...

By Jennifer

I get it. That DSLR is heavy and bulky and you just don't want to carry it around with you all summer. But you do have your iPhone, and with any of these new lenses, you'll be able to take your summer selfie to the next level, and without your "real" camera.

1 Iris Lens 3-piece Set

electronic component, toy,Price: $109 at
This set includes three lenses - a fisheye, wide angle and macro - and they all work on any of the iPhone 6 phones, with or without a case. I love the quality of the glass, and that it's so easy to swap lenses!

2 IPhone Telephoto Lens

camera, multimedia, cameras & optics, spotting scope, tripod,Price: $35 at
I know. This lens looks funny. But it's pretty much a miracle, giving you 12x telephoto powers and laser-sharp manual focus. This lens set includes the lens (duh), a case, a mini tripod and a cloth.

3 Magnetic Lens Sampler

multimedia, smartphone, camera, iPod,Price: $49 at
These lenses are so easy to use! Just attach the metal ring to the back of your phone, then the magnetic lens just snaps on. This sampler set includes a 2x telephoto, fisheye and wide-angle/macro lens.

4 Smartphone Spy Lens

jewellery,Price: $20 at
If you prefer to be discreet, use this lens to take photos at a 90° angle, meaning you can LOOK like all you're doing is texting, but in reality, your're slyly taking photos straight ahead.

5 Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens

camera, cameras & optics,Price: $69.95 at
This set of four lenses (two on each clip) is brilliant: just slide the clip with the lens you want onto the corner of your phone, then shoot! This design really cuts down on the time it takes to swap lenses, and it includes a fisheye, wide angle, 10x macro and 15x macro lens.

6 The Phone-o-Chrome Color Filter

gadget, mobile device, finger, FILTER, SLIDE,Price: $15 at
This isn't a lens, but it sure can help you create epic selfies and other photos! You'll never need a cheesy Instagram filter, once you use this handy little color slide. Love!

7 IPhone Lens Wallet

electric blue, cobalt blue, leather, bag, textile,Price: $15 at
You can totally forgo the camera bag now that you're using your iPhone instead of your Canon, but you'll still need a safe way to store your little lenses, and this wallet is just the thing.

Have you used an iPhone lens before? What did you think?

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