Most Fun and Useful Twitter Accounts for Students to Follow ...

By Neecey

When you’re a student you should be smart about the time you spend on social media – it is like a vampire, sucking your time away. Other than for enhancing your social life, social media should complement your studies, keep you in touch with the world and help you become the person you want to be. And there should be a big element of fun too. You can follow thousands of random Twitter accounts or you could limit your choices and follow these:

1 @HiddenTips

A Twitter feed full of tips on how to live more successfully in all areas of life from job interviews to pranking your friends. It is easy reading fun that may prove useful to you.

2 @PopSci

This Twitter account will remind you why you are taking science in the first place. Some of the stuff is at beginner level, but it helps you remember that you’re taking this qualification because it is fun.

3 @MrsRupertPupkin

She is funny and relatable for young women. She claims her tweets are loosely based on real life, but that she is not as lonely as her Twitter persona makes her out to be.


This is a great Twitter feed for people that are interested in science, astronomy, engineering, or just interested in how the world works.

5 @CNN

A student should keep abreast of the new. It is always good to stay informed.

6 @newscientist

They have some really great stuff on their feed, such as how they may have proved that life started 300 million years earlier than they first thought, which makes evolution far slower than we ever imagined.

7 @CollegeBlowouts

This Twitter account shows you different parties from around the country. It acts as a good guide for having your own parties, and it allows you to send pictures of your parties too.

8 @GWR

The Guinness World Records Twitter account is usually a good conversation starter as you poke fun at the crazy people featured on it.

9 @motivation

It can be difficult to stay motivated as a student because life becomes a little repetitive at times, and you start to get the feeling it will never end. If you want a little motivation, then try this Twitter feed.

10 @mental_floss

You can see weird and random facts from this Twitter feed. It will not make you more intelligent as it claims, but it may help you win a few pub quizzes.

11 @HuffPostCollege

Stay up to date with the most recent developments in what is turning into one of the most fictional online newspapers in the world. Still, it is fun reading about how Kanye West is actually two dwarfs with one standing on the other’s shoulders.

12 @GoogleFacts

They tell you some smashing facts that are chosen by their team based on what is trending, such as the tip that you cannot snore and dream at the same time.

13 @ESPN

Plenty of college students are sports fans, and what better feed to follow than the ESPN feed.

14 @Neiltyson

This guy is a noted astrophysicist that seems to answer questions for people; even the most inane questions seem to get a response.

15 @StunningCampus

This is fun for the college-loving nerd or somebody that really wants to go to a certain college. It features a great many college campuses with beautiful images of the grounds.

16 @TweetMyJobs

This is a Twitter account for upperclassmen that are looking to get a job soon. It allows students to get one-step ahead by allowing them to look up job openings in different fields.

17 @"Your School"

If you are smart, you will keep watching your own college Twitter feed. They tell you about sports team events and when they are declaring snow days and such.

Please let us know of other great Twitter feeds for students.

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