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Awesome Apps to Help You Trash Those Bad Habits ...

By Neecey

Do you have a bad habit – or a “not so bad but I want to stop doing it” habit? Have you ever thought about using your smartphone to break it? There are plenty of apps that will help you break bad habits. It’s just a case of downloading the app and allow it to boost your willpower.

1 Math Alarm

An app for people that repeatedly press the snooze button. You have to solve a math puzzle before it allows you to hit snooze, which means you have to be partially awake.

2 Gratitude Journal from Happy Tapper

Gratitude Journal from Happy
With this app you are encouraged to write down all the things that make you happy and that you are grateful for. It helps you break bad habits such as if you complain too much.

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3 StopDrunkTexting
These apps stop you texting certain people when you are drunk. It gives you a 6-12 hour lock on those numbers so you cannot text or call them when you are drunk.

4 Gym Pact

If one of your bad habits is missing your gym time or not exercising, then this app claims it can help motivate you so that you keep up your gym appointments and keep exercising like you know you should.

5 Eat Slowly

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If you are a fast eater and you would like to slow down, then try one of these apps to time yourself and maybe draw your attention to the rate you eat.

6 Carbodroid
This is an app for people that drink too little fluid. It helps you keep track of how much you have drunk and how much you should be drinking. It can also help stop you drinking too much fluid too.

7 Things I Didn't Buy (TIDB)

Things I Didn't Buy (TIDB)
This is a handy app that enables you to note the price of the things you do not buy that you may have otherwise bought. It helps show you how much money you have saved over a period of time through you not spending. Great motivation to keep not spending and carry on saving.

8 Procraster
This app helps you overcome the habit of procrastinating. All you have to do is download and use them. Go on. What are you waiting for…

9 Chipolo
This is an app for people that are in the habit of losing things. It helps you find things using your BlueTooth. Don’t tell me you lost your phone …

10 Bill Organizer

If you are the type of person that is often late with bills, this app may help. With it you can organize your bills and then the app reminds you when each one is due so that you do not forget to pay it.

11 StopBite
Watching somebody bite their nails is almost as gross as watching them pick their nose. If you are a nail biter, then use this app, or just accept the fact that you friends do not like hanging around you and your oddly flat teeth.

12 Brush DJ

This app will remind you to brush your teeth, and it plays two minutes of your favorite songs while you are brushing to ensure you brush for long enough.

13 Stop Swearing

Swearing is not a sign of low intelligence, but swearing too much is often a sign of severe insecurity and a lack of confidence. With that in mind, here is an app to reduce the amount that you swear.

14 Office Exercise & Stretch

Office Exercise &
Do you often find yourself sitting? Is sitting one of your big things? Unless you are physically disabled, you probably shouldn’t be sitting as much, which is why this app may help you.

15 Kwit
Scary advertisements to force you to quit smoking will not work because they feature beautiful, happy, trim and intelligent people that smoke all the time and never have a day’s illness and live until they are 90. You will only quit if you want to, and if you have just recently quit, then app may help you stay off the ciggies.

16 Stop Drinking Alcohol

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Do you drink too much and you are starting to worry that it is going a little too far? If that is the case, then an app to help you stop drinking may be just what you need.

17 Unf*ck Your Habitat

Unf*ck Your
Are you a Messy Mary? Do you need tough love to make you clear up your crap? This app will "motivate" you to get cleaning in no uncertain terms.

If you have a bad habit you’d like to change, why not search for an app to help?

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