Top Tips to Protect Your Social Media Accounts ...


Top Tips to Protect Your Social Media Accounts ...
Top Tips to Protect Your Social Media Accounts ...

If you use your smartphone or laptop to connect with other people, you need tips to protect your social media accounts. Social media is very important in our lives these days. Social media users can easily share pictures and videos, post content and update their profiles any time they want to. But, how do we know when someone else gets access to one of our social media accounts? How can we know that our accounts are protected?

Easy. We can do that by verifying our identity and setting the privacy settings so no one, except you, can access your personal information. So that's why you need these tips to protect your social media accounts.

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Discard Those Apps That You Don’t Use

One of the best tips to protect your social media accounts is to get rid of apps you don't use. Any app that requires you to log in with Facebook is going to have some access to your personal information. If you aren't using those apps, get rid of them so that doesn't happen.


Don't Share Too Much

Before you share information about yourself or post a picture, always make double check to see who can see your posts. Never make the posts public because then they will be available to everyone, not just your friend list. Not everything needs to be shared. That includes when you're on vacation, where you go to school and where you live.


Use a Strong Password

Using a strong password on each of your social media accounts is recommended because that makes it harder to hack in. Use a combination of lower and upper case letters, symbols and numbers.



If you have multi-factor authentication, no hacker can enter into your account because they will need more than just your username and email address. Use your fingerprint or face as authentication or use a pin code to keep unwanted people out of your accounts.


Using Free Antivirus Software

A lot of internet service providers offer some protection that can be used on social media accounts and you can find a lot of available options in your local area. Sometimes, though, the free ones don't offer the same level of protection as one that you have to pay for. Bottom line? Weigh your options carefully.

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