The Apps All Fit Girls Need to Have an Awesome Year ...


The Apps All Fit Girls Need to Have an Awesome Year ...
The Apps All Fit Girls Need to Have an Awesome Year ...

Apps are becoming an essential fitness accessory but like the gear you work out in and the exercises you do, it pays back more when you choose the right ones for the right needs. Fitness apps range from trackers to pseudo-personal trainers to food diaries so there should be a few for every need you have in becoming fit and fabulous. Here’s a selection:

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multimedia, mobile phone, document, gadget, electronics, One of the best apps to get you fit and stay fit is definitely The app focuses on getting to complete a daily routine of exercise, giving you the encouraging benefits of a personal trainer without having to shell out the big bucks for one in real life! It gives daily reminders, celebrate milestones with you, and is generally just a wonderful companion to have for your fitness journey.

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web page, font, diagram, document, area, Pact is a really interesting app that lets you wager real money on how well you are going to do with regards to meeting your personal fitness goals. You can earn cash for meeting your goals, but you definitely won’t be able to cheat because you have to verify your results with a gym first. What better incentive is there than cash!?

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text, font, mobile device, pda, document, MyFitnessPal is a brilliant companion app to have if you want to get really into counting the calories that you put into your body on a daily basis. You input all of the food and drink that you consume and the app lets you know how close to or how over your daily diet target you are, complete with a nutritional breakdown.

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font, mobile phone, diagram, gadget, mobile phone case, MapMyRun is an absolute dream for people who love to break down the minute details of their workouts. Using GPS technology, the app will track and map out your daily runs, including things like time splits, elevation stats and a route genius that will suggest trails for you depending on how far you would like to run. It’s the perfect companion for every level of runner, from training for a marathon to simply jogging around the local park.

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text, font, gadget, mobile device, mobile phone, Freeletics is technically a workout app, but in truth, it is so much more than that. Packed with a community of over 6 million users, you can join in the fun and spur on others to meet their fitness goals, with them encouraging and motivating you in return. The app really makes you feel like you are in this together; it’s a great sense of community.

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Zombies, Run!

text, document, This is an amazingly fun app that puts the fun back into what can often be a grueling and painful workout. The app gives you an immersive experience, using headphone audio to make it feel like you are being chased by zombies and instructing you to move at pace and run away from a sure-fire death at the hands of the undead! Great for if your runs have become somewhat repetitive.

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text, art, web page, product, font, Tracking food intake is an important factor for many people but this app also keeps track of your water intake, which we know is supremely important. Cron-o-Meter is a great app for keeping a diary of your food, water, and workouts. It’s got an extensive library of foods and their nutritional data to help you make good choices.

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Charity Miles

text, product, skin, advertising, brand, Now that you're committed to doing something good for yourself, now you can spread the love around a little bit. This free app lets you log your miles and then corporate sponsors donate to a variety of charities. You can walk, run or bike so get started today.

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Digifit Icardio

This app is like having a fitness tracker right on your phone. It will help you track your heart rate, your distance, and pace. You can use it keep track of your workout time and you can link it to your armband fitness tracker too. The app is free, but you will have to pay to use all of the perks it offers.

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Fit Radio

mobile phone, portable communications device, smartphone, gadget, product, What's a workout without some tunes to keep you motivated. This app takes care of that in a great way. It features DJ created mixes that are packed with upbeat songs that will keep you going during your entire session. You can also search by type of music or type of workout. The app is free, but you might want to upgrade to the premium version for more music and more perks.

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Let’s hear some of your recommendations for fitness apps, please. Tell us what’s so great about them.

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