7 Printing Apps for People Who Want Their Best Insta Photosin a Frame ...

By Jennifer

7 Printing Apps  for People Who Want Their Best Insta Photosin a Frame ...

I love Instagram! If you do too, then it's time you took your Insta-game to a whole new level... by printing your best snaps. It's never been easier to print and display, if you know which apps and sites to use to do all the printing dirty work.

Table of contents:

  1. fracture
  2. postalpix
  3. mpix
  4. aluminyze
  5. social print studio
  6. photojojo
  7. artifact uprising

1 Fracture

food, icing, produce, cake, Ugh, printing, framing, and mounting - so much work? But not anymore! Now you can order your favorite Instragram photos printed directly onto glass. They're gorgeous, and affordable, and gorgeous!

2 PostalPix

habitat, nature, tree, forest, wilderness, PostalPix is an easy-to-use app you can download for free and use to print your best-ever photos is a variety of sizes. It's super-convenient, too, because you don't have to get the photo files off your phone - the app does it for you!


hair, clothing, swimwear, image, beauty, I use MPIX for all of my photo-printing needs: the colors are always true, they offer prints and other goodies in every size you can imagine, and the price is right.

4 Aluminyze

giraffe, mammal, vertebrate, giraffidae, 。2+, For your awesome urban shots, consider metal prints, either from your favorite print shop, or from Aluminyze, which specialized in metallics.

5 Social Print Studio

pink, fashion accessory, petal, handbag, flower, Otherwise known as Print-Stagram, this is another app you can use to format and order your favorite Instagram snaps. Especially cool are the magnets and photo strips.

6 PhotoJojo

pink, leg, footwear, petal, organ, They're not a printer, but they do offer many, many printing-from-your-phone options, like the Polaroid Zip.

7 Artifact Uprising

Machu Picchu, vacation, mountain, adventure, photo shoot, They're not your average print shop in that first of all, their name is way cooler (yes, that matters) and second, their products are insanely awesome. Their wood block + print? Gorgeous! See for yourself!

How do you print your Insta-snaps? Do tell!

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