17 Tips How to Become an Instagram Sensation ...


17 Tips How to Become an Instagram Sensation  ...
17 Tips How to Become an Instagram Sensation  ...

Do you have what it takes to be the next Instagram sensation? I bet you do! You're gorg, you're smart, and you've got a knack for snapping the best OOTD selfies... but there's a little more to owning Instagram that you should know. You could buy Instagram followers but there are other ways. Here are a few quick tips on becoming the Instagram sensation you were born to be.

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Hashtag It up

Be generous with your hashtags, and get creative! When it comes to hashtags, the more, the merrier, but...


Don't Use Too Many

Try to keep your hashtags to no more than three lines. There is such a thing as too many tags.


And Avoid This Tag FO SHO

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, use the #drank tag. It's been shown to decrease your following by almost half! Yikes!


Double-tap like It's Your Job

The more of your fellow Instagrammer's photos you like, the better. Spend a few minutes each day double-tapping.


Comment a Lot, and Often

Give your fellow 'Grammers a bump and gain exposure by commenting on their photos. Keep your comments positive and comment often (like, every day).


Find Your Niche

Scroll through your feed and you'll notice one thing: most of the people you follow (aside from your fam and friends) are showing you something unique. Be one of those people. Find a niche.


Being a Woman Helps!

The list of the most-followed and adored Instagrammers are all women. This isn't a coincidence.


With or without Boobs

That's another thing the top Instagrammers have in common - they're quite fond of showing their assets. You can take this tip straight from Kim K's and Beyonce's feeds, or you can leave it - whatever works for you.


Don't Be Dull

If you find your own feed boring, chances are, your followers will too. Keep it fresh and exciting.


But do Be Funny!

One great way to keep it interesting is to keep it funny. There are lines you can't cross - no matter how funny you think that insensitive joke is, it can blow up in your face, for sure.


Get Interactive

Don't forget to interact with your followers, on the regular.


Take Really, Really Good Photos

Composition, lighting, and more - if you're not already a photography expert, take a class or at least watch some online tutorials.


And Use a Little PhotoShop...

Don't be afraid to retouch a little... but... make sure it's just a little, because...


Sometimes #nofilter is Best

... especially if you use the #nofilter tag.


Become a Selfie-snapping Expert

Snapping selfies is a talent, one you've got to hone. Get those skills and keep them fresh!


Get the Word (of Mouth) out

Sign all of your emails with your Instagram handle, connect it to your Facebook and Twitter and use every other means you've got to spread the word.


Post Every Day

It's okay to take a day off once in a while, but if you want to gain followers, and keep them, it's a great idea to post at least five times a week.

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How about becoming just a sensation in REAL life? C'mon.

Thank you !

@Demo exactly!

I think I'm one of those people who likes looking at other peoples pics rather than posting mine etc I have only family and friends that follow me.

This article is absolutely ridiculous.

I've meet some great people on Instagram. I commented on photos, we started talking and are now good friends. One only lives a few miles away from me and we hang out a lot

Like who cares about how many people like your pics? What about the true impact you've had on multiple people's lives.

I think it's annoying to see only rich people posting lavished lives. Especially with women who's assets like unreachable. It should be relatable

This is ridiculous.

I think this is going to help me get more followers on my business account on Instagram

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