Food Journal Apps for Girls Tracking to Lose Weight ...

By Neecey

Food journaling is a really good way to track your progress toward a weight loss goal or just to keep track of what you eat. Food journal apps have made it easy to do it wherever you are at whatever time.

1 Lose It!

Lose It!

The Lose it! app, is an easy to use app that will set you on your weight loss goal and to achieve it. With this tool you can share food recipes, share your goals with your friends, and let them see how well you are doing. With Lose it, you can even set up an account that links you up to other apps to help you to lose weight. For example, it will connect up with apps that have a workout routine, and the app will also tell you if you are eating more than you should be.

2 Calorific


Calorific is a app will help you lose weight. You won’t need to worry about counting calories; you simply use their traffic light technique. This will allow you to sort the foods you can eat from the foods you cannot. For example, Red is junk food, Yellow is carbs and dairy, and Green is fruit and vegetables. This app will help you make best nutritional choices available to you. Use Calorific, and you will not have to try as hard with regards to your food selection.

3 My Food Diary

My Food Diary

The My Food Diary app will have you reaching your weight loss goal very quickly. You can share your account details and connect your account with a partner or a friend. You can enter and show off your recipes, and see recipes that you have never tried. There are seven different ways to log your food, which includes using graphs and charts. You and your friend/partner may both look at the charts and graphs and compare your progress together. The app offers you a daily color summary report, so you can see how well you are doing.

4 Evernote


The Evernote app allows you to take notes about what you eat, the places where you eat, if writing it down what you eat isn’t for you, you can even take pictures. With Evernote, you can create an account that may be linked to your phone, iPad, tablet or computer. This means that wherever you go, you may take your food journal with you.

5 MyNetDairy


The MyNetDairy app is the best type of app for people that wish to keep track of their food intake. You are able to share your achievements with social networks, and show the progress you have made through using app. It will send you reminders if you miss a meal. You can use the app on any mobile device, so it doesn’t matter where you go. You may even use it at home on your laptop or computer.

6 The Eatery

The Eatery

The Eatery app is a fun way to take photos of the foodstuff you have tried and invite the world to see it too. With this app, other people will be able to Like, Share and comment on your food. The Eatery app will let you broadcast your meals all over the social media world, or you may use the private food logger for just your eyes only. This app will give you a chance to decide which are the best and worst foods to eat, and the app will give you suggestions about how to eat healthy.

7 My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal

The My Fitness Pal app offers a new way of keeping a track of your workouts, a way to log your meals, and a way to check your water consumption. My Fitness Pal will help you keep your head in the game. You are able to add all the information like regarding your age, height, current weight, vital statistics, and so forth, all to help you be a healthier, happier and fitter person. Within the app, you will get the support you need, which is especially handy if you feel like giving up.

Time to get food journaling!

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