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Like it or not, social media becomes way more fun when you actually have a lot of followers who are interested in every move you make. While it can be difficult to create a site that others are crazy about, using the right tags can help. That's why you should never underestimate the power of the hashtag. Here are some of the best ones to use on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr if you want to get a lot of likes and retweets:

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Use Hashtags Meant for the Different Days of the Week

Different days of the week are meant for different topics. You probably know by now that #tbt is popular on Tuesdays, because it's otherwise known as Throwback Tuesdays, where you should post an old picture. The next day, you should use the tag #wcw to post about your favorite female celeb, because it stands for woman crush Wednesday. Use the days of the week to your advantage, ladies.


Promise to Follow Others

Some people consider these tags cheating, but they're a great way to gain followers. Use #follow4follow or #like4like on Instagram, and use #teamfollowback on Twitter. Just make sure that you stay true to your word, or everyone who started following you will immediately unfollow you.


Show off Your Fashion Sense

You can't go wrong with fashion posts. People love to hear reviews on different makeup brands and they love to see photos of gorgeous outfits. If you're not comfortable with your body, you don't even need to take photos of yourself. Just rest your outfit on your bed and take a snapshot of that, because it's a popular thing to do on Instagram and Tumblr. Make sure you use hashtags like #streetstyle, #fashion, and #hairinspo.


Talk about Love

People love to look at pictures and read stories about relationships. There's just something about love that fascinates us. So try taking some romantic photos to post on Instagram or create a witty text post about your boyfriend for Tumblr. It's sure to get plenty of people's attention. Use hashtags like #love, #relationships, and #lovebirds.


Use Your Favorite Quotes

Everybody loves quotes. If you're on Twitter or Tumblr, you can create a text post with your favorite saying. If you're on Instagram, you can either create an image with your favorite quote inside, or you can just add a great quote to the description of any photo you take. Whatever works.


Take Photos of Your Food

Posting food pics is a cliche on Instagram, but it's still something that people love to see. So the next time you whip up an elaborate meal, make sure you take a snapshot to show the world. Even if you don't get a lot of "likes," you can still show the photo to your mother to get her off your back for not knowing how to take care of yourself.


Mention Popular Celebs

People love to look up photos and comments about their favorite bands and TV shows. Right now, the most popular tags are about One Direction, so if you're a fan of those boys, start posting about them. Of course, you shouldn't talk about celebs you know nothing about. Stick to what interests you so that your followers actually have something in common with you.

The more tags you use, the better your chances will be of gaining more followers. That's why you shouldn't feel weird about using as many tags as you can think of. What's your Tumblr, Instagram, or Twitter handle?

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The first one is wrong--it's Throwback Thursday, not Tuesday. I wonder how much expertise on the subject the author has if she got that wrong...

Ummmm no it's throwback Thursday "you clearly know by now" LOL you clearly don't!!!

This post reminds me why I deleted Instagram, Facebook and Twitter .

I can't believe people are really concerned about how many followers they have or how popular they're posts are, really?

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