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Do you hate spring cleaning or even just the thought of it? Even if you’re good at doing your housework regularly and keeping things spick and span and organized, there are just some jobs that need doing as a one-off project rather than an ongoing task. Spring is the perfect time. The world of nature is reborn in springtime and humans follow suit by doing a jolly good clean up. Use these apps to motivate you to spring clean.


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Washio This is a great app for people that live in places currently covered byt the service. You can arrange for somebody come around and clean your windows, vacuum your floors, and maybe even take care of your kids. With this app, you may call somebody around to your house to wash your clothes. They pick them up and within as few as 24 hours they will bring them back. There are even dry cleaning services too.



Poshmark This is an app that helps you to spring clean out your closet to make room for some new outfits. What’s more, it enables you to sell your clothes so you have the cash to buy new things. It also has a function to buy clothes too. It can be difficult to sell your clothes because there is so much competition, but if you have some good stuff, then people will spare the cash for the right price.




Fridge Record what you have in the fridge. The app enables you to start eating a few of the food items that always seem to be there. Spring clean your fridge by recording what you have so you may buy other ingredients that go with it and finally get rid of it. You may finally put that tube of tomato paste or garlic paste to use. Make use of the onions that are starting to grow roots, and record what you have so you can replace the items you are missing.



IRecycle Do you have things in your kitchen and around your house that you could do without? If you have things that should be recycled, then use this app to find the nearest recycling centers and companies in your area. Get rid of the things you know you are not going to use, or even things such as tins and cans that you have lying around the house. Get rid of them, and help the earth at the same time. You can spring clean while doing your bit for the environment.



Think Dirty

Think Dirty There are more than 200,000 chemicals in the app’s database. It helps you figure out what is in your house that maybe shouldn’t be. Take the app with a pinch of salt because there are some items that simply need dirtier chemicals to be of use. For example, soap has lye in it to do its job, and yet it is considered a dirty chemical by the app. The same is true of bleaching products. Nevertheless, you can spring clean your home of a few of the more unnecessary chemicals.

Getting Help



Chorma This is an app you can use to rope other people into your spring cleaning efforts. You may assign tasks to your partner, kids, family members, roommates, friends and employees. Why do you have to do all the hard work? You can have other people help you and arrange it all with this simple iPhone app. For the Android, there is the very similar (but less popular) Clean House app.



BrightNest Fix up your house and make it nice with this app. It is loaded with guides and tips that will help you maintain and fix your house up. It has guides both by experts and by non-professional contributors. Even if you do not use all the guides, it is handy and it is free, so it is hard to complain (though some people do).

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I hate to clean, I just found a cleaning service through Amazon Prime, one room for $95. I think they'll do a fabulous job

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