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Everything is done over the Internet nowadays, which is why you need to make sure you appear as professional online as you do in person. You don't want to send out job applications or email your employer while appearing like an amateur. You need to make a good impression, which is why you should follow these tips for organizing your email account like a professional:

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Display Your Name, Not Email Address

Have you ever noticed that some emails you receive will say that they've been sent by a specific email address, but others will just state the person's (or company's) name? If you go into your account's settings, you can change the way your name appears, so that anyone who receives emails from you will see your name instead of your email address. It looks much more professional, so make the change now.


Have a Professional Email Address

Even after you change your display name so that your full name is visible instead of your email address, others will still be able to see the address once they open up your email (besides, they'll need to know it in order to email you back). That means you should make sure your email address is professional. It's time to delete the ones you used as a child for your Neopets account.


Create a Signature

You should create an email signature, so that everyone you email knows exactly who you are. Just don't make it too elaborate, because short and sweet beats lengthy and long. Just include your name, your title, and a link to one of your web pages.


Size 12 Times New Roman

When you write essays for class, you typically use size 12 font in Times New Roman, don't you? For some reason, it's the most acceptable font, which is why you should use it whenever you send out emails.


Check for Grammatical Errors

The worst thing you could do is send out an email littered with grammatical errors. If you're sending something over your phone, then you should watch out for autocorrect as well. Technology isn't always as smart as we are. That's why you should always double check your writing to make sure that you (or your iPhone) didn't make any mistakes.


Wait until Morning to Send out Emails

Some people won't pay attention to the time you send out your emails, especially if you're associating with people overseas who are in different time zones. However, if you want to play it safe, don't send out your emails at two in the morning. Wait until 6AM so that it looks like you're an early bird who can't wait to start her day.


Use Professional Sounding Names for Attachments

If you have to send a file as an attachment, make sure that you gave it an appropriate title. Some of us name our files silly things, because it won't be shown when it's printed out. However, if you're sending it to someone as an attachment, they'll see what you've titled it, so make sure it sounds professional.

You don't want your boss to think less of you, all because of the way you send out emails. What other tips do you have for organizing your email account like a professional?

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Don't agree with waiting until morning - but otherwise good tips

Thanks! I really needed this currently using my fitness pal which is good too try it!!

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