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6 Awesome Outfit Planning Apps ...

By Carly

With more fashion available to us all than ever before, sometimes getting up and deciding what to wear can be the toughest part of the day, not to mention those occasions when you need to pick out an outfit for a special event! Some people just have a natural knack for knowing what goes with what, for looking effortlessly put together, but on the other hand, others (myself included) could do with a little more help and guidance on the matter! If you are someone who is looking for a way to make your everyday clothing choices easier and better, then here are six awesome outfit planning apps to try out!

1 ClosetSpace

This is a great app that lets you catalogue all of your garments to create an electronic wardrobe. It makes looking through your options so much easier than having to dig everything out to see whether things go together! You can even do cool things like marking how many times you’ve worn each item, to avoid being too samey each week!

2 Stylicious

Another great organisational app that lets you experiment with different combinations that you own, this time by using a fun sliding horizontal function that really helps you to envisage what the outfit is going to look like from head to toe.

3 Stylebook

Stylebook is another virtual closet app that you upload all of your items into, but something in particular that I like about this app is that it has a fun feature for planning certain outfits for certain occasions that you can save and refer back to.

4 Polyvore

Polyvore helps to fill in the gaps for you. You upload all of your own clothes to the virtual closet, but then you can pick out a top and shoes, and the app will suggest a pair of trousers or skirt that it thinks will look good, providing links for purchase if you agree!

5 GlamOutfit

GlamOutfit is much of the same, with the added great feature of you being able to put out a fashion query to other users to get them to suggest garments that would fit with your style, or for a certain occasion, or if you are hoping to achieve a certain look.

6 Closet+

Closet+ is good for financially conscious fashion lovers because part of the app’s digital closet feature is that it presents the price of the clothing, and tracks how many times you wear it to work out a value for money type situation!

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