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The Apple Apps You Need for a Perfect Christmas ...

By Neecey

Let your phone help you this Christmas. Whether you need some help with menu planning/recipes or just reminders of why the holiday season is so much fun, there’s an app to do it. And there’s some to help with the kids (and big kids) who can be over-excited at this time of year. Here’s my pick of the Apple apps for Christmas:

1 Coca-Cola Christmas Snow Globes

Coca-Cola Christmas Snow
Make your own customized and unique snow globes using your own pictures and then shake your phone to see it in action.

2 NORAD Tracks Santa

NORAD Tracks
The app let’s you see where Santa is during the month, and where he is around Christmas. It also has a countdown timer to Christmas.

3 Yummy Christmas

Here there are a big bunch of recipes with Christmas themes such as a chocolate spread sandwich that has its top iced over.

4 ElfYourself by Office Depot

ElfYourself by Office
Become the star of your own video with a twist - have your photos appear on the video with dancing elves. It still seems to be a popular app even though it has been around a while.

5 ICaroler
You are able to sing along with different people using this multiplayer app. Find the right tune and harmony for the songs.

6 Fireplace 3D Lite

Fireplace 3D
This app features a realistic looking fire. You can put it on your phone or tablet and pretend you have a nice warm fire in your house.

7 A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Charlie Brown
Find the true meaning of Christmas (again) with the Peanuts crew by letting your kids play with the games and features.

8 Santa’s Magic Phone Call & Text

Santa’s Magic Phone Call &
Kids are able to record a video wish list, plus they can call Santa. It is a programmed call; they do not actually make a live call as it is just recordings on the app itself.

9 Christmas Tale HD

Christmas Tale
Give Santa a helping hand as he delivers his gifts around the world and see a Christmas countdown.

10 Christmas Music

They have a varied selection of very old Christmas songs. There are no modern songs or pop songs, only the ones so old that they are out of copyright.

11 Sleeps to Christmas 2

Sleeps to Christmas
See how long it is until Christmas along with animated characters and a jaunty tune. It is a nice app to remind the kids it is getting closer to Christmas.

12 Where’s Santa

This is a learning app. It looks a little cheap, but uses anagrams to help teach kids about different countries.

13 Manage Christmas - Christmas Gift List Manager

Manage Christmas - Christmas Gift List
This is a run-of-the-mill Christmas list managing and budgeting app. You can see how much you are going to spend on each person and how much each still has left.

14 Best Christmas Stories

Best Christmas
Read a good selection of stories from Miller, Lincoln, Hans Christian Andersen, Oliver Thorne, Francois Coppee, Elizabeth Harkison, Freeman, Charles Dickens, Lane, and Susan Coolidge.

15 Santa Claus Yourself Xmas Photo Booth

Santa Claus Yourself Xmas Photo
It has a Santa overlay so you can take your selfie photo and see what you would look like with his beard and hat.

16 GlowTunes Christmas

Decorate a Christmas tree by tapping the decorations you want from the menu and placing them on the tree design.

17 American Greetings Ecards

American Greetings
Plenty of people send e-cards these days because it saves on killing trees, saves on extra emissions and extra waste. They do cards for all year round too.

What apps for Christmas do you recommend?

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