3 Great Journal Apps for Girls Who Want to Start Journaling in 2018 ...

By Carly

3 Great Journal Apps for Girls Who Want to Start Journaling in 2018 ...

There are so many journal apps that take things into modern times. Keeping a journal is something that takes a lot of dedication, but also something that can be really fulfilling and therapeutic to look back over once you have a large collection to dive into. If starting a journal is one of your New Year’s resolutions, as it is for many others out there, then keeping one on your smartphone or tablet is a clever suggestion for encouraging you to write an entry every single day. It takes a little less effort, but you still end up with the same great content. Here are three journal apps for girls who are looking to start in 2018.

1 5 Minute Journal App

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This is great for someone who wants to have a little structure in their journaling rather than just writing down their free-form thoughts. It requires your attention for five minutes every day and every night, and it asks you questions that you can provide answers to and which you can then use to expand your feelings if you wish. It’s low maintenance and it gets you into the habit of committing to journaling every single day with very little effort. It's definitely one of my favorite journal apps.

2 Day One Journal App

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This is an all in one type journaling app that provides you with all the tools and functions you need to really get into the habit in a big way. You can journal in any way that you wish, from locations to weather to photos. It might take a while to get used to all of the features, but that also provides a fresh motivation to keep using the app.

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3 Reminisce Journal App

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You might like this particular app if you are a fan of the clean, open design look of the Notes app on Mac. It’s very basic, but it does exactly what it says on the tin and allows you to journal anything that you want with very little confusion or technical wizardry. You can do things like add tags, contacts, emotions, locations and even rate your days. Another plus - it’s also password protected!

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