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Even the best and most organized students don’t turn away help. They know how to organize their time to get good grades, hold down a part time job and still enjoy all the social benefits of college. They use their knowledge, skills and available tools to keep on top of everything the life of a student demands. Those tools include apps. With so many apps available you too can be more productive at college and be one of the students everyone wants to be.

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1 It is a great and yet simple app to help you release your true potential and productivity with the power of simple and intuitive planning that helps clear the path ahead so you can see the wood for the trees.


Google Docs

Google Docs Run it on your web browser on your desktop computer, or run it on a mobile device and enjoy a range of free writing and content creation tools in one bundle that won’t require a large fee to be paid. Get your work done quicker with the right tools for Google Docs.



Asana This is a project management tool that is more geared towards managing a team rather than arranging your own projects but still useful for students. You can create tasks and sub tasks to help you get through your project in a more organized fashion.


One Note

One Note With this app you can stay in touch with others as they work on your projects with you. It also allows you and your friends to make notes and then save them so that other people may see them. It is a note-taking app for people that want to store their notes sensibly.



DropBox Many say DropBox is so popular because it is so convenient. You simply drop things onto the icon on your desktop or browser screen and it saves that item to the cloud--it is very simple.



Evernote It is a rather well known app for saving files such as notes, video, music and images. It categorizes them to make them easier to find. It started out as a note-taking app, but now has more features than ever before.



A group-messaging tool may help a team get more done, become more productive, and get along a little better. This tool is only as good as you give it chance to be.



This is a very scary app that tracks your time on your computer or on your mobile device to see what you are up to during the day. It helps you get a clearer view of just how productive or unproductive you are by highlighting your good quality time and wasted time.


Self Control

Their website claims they are saving you from yourself. This is an app for people that are distracted by the Internet on an almost perpetual basis. It removes the Internet from the user so that they either have to sit there--or work.


Google Hangouts Video Calls

Google Hangouts Video Calls No, this is not just something that sleazy older men can convince young women to talk on because they claim they are having a bad day (gah!), it is also a way for study groups to communicate with more than just text-based messages, and may allow for numerous people to visually see what is going on with their project.



You are able to better arrange your life with this tool by creating to-do lists for simple tasks and for the multiple projects you are likely to have in the air at any one time.



Slack This tool may help you and your study group become more productive as a whole. It is a messaging app that allows people to communicate and work together more easily and harmoniously.



Anki Become more productive by working on your memory a little. It teaches and helps you memorize things a little better, which is ideal if you are trying to cram for language exams, or are trying to remember your lines. Create an intelligent flashcards system of your own.



Doodle With this tool you are able to schedule meetings with others and pool your information very quickly. It is easy to use and may help you find a date where everybody is free for a study group.



BeeMinder The BeeMinder app gives you a reminder of your goals in a quantifiable and easy to understand way. It is used by a lot of companies to quantify their goals to they may be achieved more readily.



The Trello system is fairly well known in project management circles. It is a free project management app that allows you to arrange cards into lists that you may call your to-do lists and your doing-lists. It is a good tool for improving your productivity if you commit to its use.


Google Drive

Google Drive It is a good system for saving your files to the cloud and for sharing files with others and collaborating. You can use this cloud tool as a single-person productivity tool or a collective productivity tool.

What apps do you like to help keep you organized?

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