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Life-Changing Apps to Help Women Who Suffer from Anxiety ...

By Neecey

Did you know that anxiety affects 18% of American adults? And of these 22% (which equates to 4% of the US population) are classed as having severe anxiety disorders. And one last statistic, women are 60% more likely to suffer an anxiety than men. (Source Dealing with anxiety can feel like a lonely job unless you seek out a therapist. However, there are also some really good apps that help with anxiety.

1 Essence

EssenceEssence is an app that helps you to focus on your breathing and teaches you great exercises to help you get your anxiety under control. It’s a simple, minimalistic app that helps you to master the traditional 4-7-8 method that is proven to be so successful.


2 Calm

CalmOne of the best apps to help you deal with anxiety is Calm, a great app that is easy to use and focuses on encouraging meditation by allowing you to choose from over 25 soothing and relaxing sounds that you can plug in your headphone and forget the hustle and bustle around you. Who wouldn’t want to listen to a crackling fire during a stressful office day?



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3 Colorfy

ColorfyThe trend of adult coloring books has really exploded in the last year or so, and not only is it fun but it super relaxing and therapeutic. Rather than carrying around a physical coloring book, you can have all the coloring meditation that you need in the palm of your hand with this beautiful app.


4 White Noise Ambience Lite

White Noise Ambience LiteIf you live in a busy city is can sometimes be hard to find a period of time where you don’t have to listen to traffic outside or siren blaring, but with White Noise Ambience you can create a bubble of calm sound for yourself that will help you to tune out of real life for a bit and re-center yourself.


5 Personal Zen

Personal ZenThis is a fun game that was developed by a psychology professor, it might seem very unassuming and useless on the outset but after playing a few rounds you can really start to feel a calming effect, it can reduce anxiety in minutes.


6 Headspace

HeadspaceIf you want to get into mediation but feel intimidated by the lengthy YouTube videos or don’t like the thought of signing up for a class, then Headspace is the app for you. In just minutes a day, you can start to master the basics and can work towards control your anxiety much more effectively.


7 Pacifica

PacificaPacifica can be described as a complete diary app for measuring and taking control of your daily anxiety. You can set daily mood goals, track your progress, write in the diary section and also have conversations with other app users who might be struggling with the same kind of problems.


8 Seven-Minute Workout

Seven-Minute WorkoutSometimes the best cure for immediate anxiety is to get up and be active, and this handy seven-minute workout app will put you through a series of traditional exercise techniques that will get your blood pumping and take your mind off of your stress.


9 Happify

HappifyHappify is great, colorful app that lets you take little quizzes, play little games and complete little activities. It’s unassuming but it is perfect for giving yourself a little bit of relief from your anxiety, being able to focus on something silly that doesn’t really matter.


One of these apps may be just what helps you deal with your anxiety.

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