Best Apps for Traveling Photographers to Take Gorge AF Photos ...

By Neecey

Best Apps for Traveling Photographers to Take Gorge AF Photos ...

When you travel, there are going to be times when you’re on the move and not taking pictures. You can sit and look at the scenery (except when it’s the inside of a plane) or you can get to titivating and upscaling your photographs with the help of some apps.

1 Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express

The Photoshop app does as you may expect, in that it helps you alter your images. You can change them to alter the mood or the quality of the image, or you can Photoshop the image to change things and remove flaws.

2 Instagram


There are plenty of filters and effects that you can use with the Instagram app. You can transform and manipulate your images to make them more appealing, or you can alter them for the sake of being altered. You can change the mood and feel of your images to suit your personality.

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3 Fast Burst Camera

Fast Burst Camera

It somehow takes a burst of 30 photos in just one second. It is a good app for capturing that perfect moment and it takes shots so quickly that there is less (if any) blur. The downside is that the app brightens up the images a little, which alters the quality of the image, but it may be worth it if you capture that fantastic once-in-a-lifetime shot.

4 Lapse It

Lapse It

The Lapse It app allows you to capture time-lapse images. It is good for people who have a lot of time on their hands. If you want to capture things such as sunrises and plants growing, then give the Lapse It app a try. The results are as good as your imagination will allow.

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5 Over


Filters are a good way of altering your images to change the mood or tone of them, but why stop there? You can add graphics and text to your images with the Over app. You can make a terrible photo look as if it were a work of art.

6 Posing App

Posing App

This app teaches you how to make the perfect photo. You can take selfies and make them count. It shows you how to pose, which includes what angle to look at the camera, how you should sit and where you should put yourself within the image. It can instantly improve a lot of selfie images.

7 Camera Noir

Camera Noir

It sounds as sexy as it is. This app will make your images look black and white, but instead of a rough and edgy image, you get subtle and splendid tones that you can alter as you please. You can take black and white photographs for a more authentic feel, or you can alter your existing photographs. The quality of the photographs is rather good because you have to remember that even though you are making a photograph more basic, you are still creating a photograph that has a lot of information embedded into it.

8 Vignette


You can take photos with this app and then play with over 70 filters. It is really the sort of app you can use if you are making a series of photographs that communicate a story or set a mood. There are lots of apps for travel photography, and this one is good because you do not have to connect to the Internet to use it, which means you do not run up roaming fees when you are in different countries.

9 Paper Camera

Paper Camera

You can turn your photo into a cartoon with this app if you take the photo with your app itself. Take the photograph and select the desired effect and it will convert right away. You can play with the features without losing your original picture.

I’d love to hear of any great apps for playing with your travel photos that you’ve used. What’s great about it?

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Instagram is all I need 💗

I agree - paper camera is not a good pick.

All I need is the All Women Stalk app lol would you believe someone from here thought I was Gay. Not that it matters. Cant a man use Womens websites? :-)

Dont get paper camera, its buggy and the menus in the new IOS 9 are not great. Great idea but dont get it until bugs are fixed.

You're welcome Neecey.

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