Iphone Hacks Every Girl Must Know in 2016 ...

By Neecey

Iphone Hacks Every Girl Must Know in 2016 ...

How do you get your smartphone to be smarter? How do you make it work harder so your life is easier?

Table of contents:

  1. use nail polish, sharpies, or washi tape on your iphone charger
  2. how to make your phone into a projector
  3. get money off apple accessories
  4. how to record phone calls
  5. make a charging station
  6. amazing way to take incredible pictures
  7. you need to be very quick
  8. use sunglasses as your mobile phone holder
  9. when going to the beach put your iphone in a sandwich bag to protect it. the touch screen will still work
  10. faster charging
  11. a dollar store toy turned into a cell phone stand
  12. when on a plane
  13. flip a coin with your iphone
  14. stop a text pest
  15. skip the ads
  16. make your winter gloves smartphone-friendly
  17. what to remove first when your phone storage is full
  18. use a drink glass to amplify your iphone's music
  19. safeguard your privacy
  20. you can use the volume control on your apple headphones as a remote to take photos
  21. undo delete
  22. turn off auto-tracking
  23. mount your smartphone in the car using binder clips
  24. protect your iphone cable with a retractable pen spring
  25. recover a waterlogged phone
  26. a great way to hold your phone or ipod while working out
  27. how to charge cell phone with 9-volt battery
  28. how to access secret hidden menus on your iphone
  29. curse without being corrected
  30. get siri to read your emails out loud

1 Use Nail Polish, Sharpies, or Washi Tape on Your IPhone Charger

purple,pink,finger,violet,fashion accessory, Source: 20 DIY Lifehacks With Office

2 How to Make Your Phone into a Projector

Lazio,Young Kent,advertising,brand,label, Source: How To Make Your Phone

3 Get Money off Apple Accessories

Life Hacks,text,font,ecosystem,biology, Source: Check out this life hack!

4 How to Record Phone Calls

text,font,weather,screenshot,diagram, Source: How to record phone calls

5 Make a Charging Station

product,-wwwmcker.iovo,it.com, Source: Holder for Charging Cell Phone

6 Amazing Way to Take Incredible Pictures

, Source: Mind Blowing Things : Amazing

7 You Need to Be Very Quick

Life Hacks,text,font,biology,line,

8 Use Sunglasses as Your Mobile Phone Holder

font,product,glasses,brand,gadget, Source: 21 Acts of Parental Brilliance

9 When Going to the Beach Put Your IPhone in a Sandwich Bag to Protect It. the Touch Screen Will Still Work

mobile phone,gadget,portable communications device,finger,hand, Source: 16 Beach Hacks That Will

10 Faster Charging

Charged Up,Hi Tek Rations,text,font,product, Source: How to Charge Your iPhone

11 A Dollar Store Toy Turned into a Cell Phone Stand

product, Source: 30 Cheap And Brilliant Dollar

12 When on a Plane

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13 Flip a Coin with Your IPhone

Life Hacks,text,font,product,brand, Source: Check out this life hack!

14 Stop a Text Pest

24/7 Customer,text,font,brand,advertising, Source: 13 iPhone Hacks That Will

15 Skip the Ads

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16 Make Your Winter Gloves Smartphone-friendly

yellow,art,hand,textile,pattern, Source: 30 Foolproof Ways To Get

17 What to Remove First when Your Phone Storage is Full

Instagram,text,font,line,web page, Source: What to Remove First When

18 Use a Drink Glass to Amplify Your IPhone's Music

product,lighting,hand,bottle,drink, Source: 19 Smart Solutions for Around

19 Safeguard Your Privacy

First Aid,text,font,line,product, Source: Check out this life hack!

20 You Can Use the Volume Control on Your Apple Headphones as a Remote to Take Photos

mobile phone,gadget,glasses,hand,food, Source: hellobrio.com

21 Undo Delete

text,mobile phone,portable communications device,gadget,font, Source: Life hacks are for everyone

22 Turn off Auto-tracking


23 Mount Your Smartphone in the Car Using Binder Clips

car,vehicle,land vehicle,family car,city car, Source: Take it on Tuesday #40

24 Protect Your IPhone Cable with a Retractable Pen Spring

technology,electronics accessory,electronic device,electronics,personal computer hardware, Source: Protect your iPhone / iPod

25 Recover a Waterlogged Phone

grass family,product,wood,food,powder, Source: lifetricks.com

26 A Great Way to Hold Your Phone or IPod While Working out

Life Hacks,clothing,arm,fashion accessory,thigh, Source: Check out this life hack!

27 How to Charge Cell Phone with 9-Volt Battery

Ace of Spades,Barangay Ginebra San Miguel,product,finger,laser, Source: rethinksurvival.com

28 How to Access Secret Hidden Menus on Your IPhone

Samsung Galaxy S5,mobile phone,feature phone,portable communications device,smartphone, Source: How to access the secret

29 Curse without Being Corrected

Palafitos,iMessage,Short Message Service,text,font, Source: Community Post: 37 Essential Life

30 Get Siri to Read Your Emails out Loud

font,wheel,circle,diagram,logo, Source: 13 iPhone Hacks That Will

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