Iphone Hacks Every Girl Must Know in 2016 ...


How do you get your smartphone to be smarter? How do you make it work harder so your life is easier?

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Use Nail Polish, Sharpies, or Washi Tape on Your IPhone Charger

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How to Make Your Phone into a Projector

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Transforming your smartphone into a projector is a nifty trick that's surprisingly simple and affordable, perfect for a girls' night in! All you need is a shoebox, magnifying glass, and some basic craft supplies. Cut a hole in the end of the shoebox to snugly fit the magnifying glass, secure it, and make a stand inside to hold your iPhone upright. Aim your DIY projector at a blank wall, play your favorite video, and voilà – you've just upped your entertainment game without splurging on pricey gadgets!


Get Money off Apple Accessories

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How to Record Phone Calls

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Make a Charging Station

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Amazing Way to Take Incredible Pictures

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You Need to Be Very Quick

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Use Sunglasses as Your Mobile Phone Holder

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When Going to the Beach Put Your IPhone in a Sandwich Bag to Protect It. the Touch Screen Will Still Work

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Faster Charging

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A Dollar Store Toy Turned into a Cell Phone Stand

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When on a Plane

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Flip a Coin with Your IPhone

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Stop a Text Pest

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Skip the Ads

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Make Your Winter Gloves Smartphone-friendly

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What to Remove First when Your Phone Storage is Full

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Use a Drink Glass to Amplify Your IPhone's Music

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Safeguard Your Privacy

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You Can Use the Volume Control on Your Apple Headphones as a Remote to Take Photos

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Undo Delete

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Turn off Auto-tracking



If you're the type who loves to keep your daily movements and routines private, then turning off Auto-tracking is a must. You can keep your whereabouts to yourself by tweaking your location services settings. Just head over to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and review the apps that have access to track you. You'd be surprised at how many are following your every move without need! Decide which apps truly require your location data and switch off the rest. Your personal spaces should remain just that — personal. Remember, it's all about keeping control in your hands!


Mount Your Smartphone in the Car Using Binder Clips

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Protect Your IPhone Cable with a Retractable Pen Spring

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Recover a Waterlogged Phone

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A Great Way to Hold Your Phone or IPod While Working out

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How to Charge Cell Phone with 9-Volt Battery

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How to Access Secret Hidden Menus on Your IPhone

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To get into the mysterious world of hidden iPhone options, start with your Field Test Mode. Simply dial 3001#12345# and hit the call button to enter a realm of technical readings. It's a treasure trove for those coveting details about signal strength and cellular connections. Then, there's the classic reboot menu. Press and hold the Home button along with the Power button until the Apple logo pops up, and you're basically giving your phone a mini spa moment. Be sure to tread these paths with a sense of adventure – and caution!


Curse without Being Corrected

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Get Siri to Read Your Emails out Loud

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Nice to know

The rice idea for water damage does not work. Hence why I have a newer phone. I put my old one in rice for a hole night... It still didn't work.

Yeah # 4 is for droid..otherwise very interesting/useful tips


Let's do this. I'm sooo ready 4 these hacks

4 is probs android

Is #4 for IPhone ?

This is so cool!!! I'm totally gonna try it!

#4 is not for iPhone, look at the background. I've never heard that iPhones could do that :/

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