How to Stop Your Headphones from Tangling ...


How to Stop Your Headphones from Tangling ...
How to Stop Your Headphones from Tangling ...

Don't you hate when you pick up your headphones to listen to music, but you can't seem to untangle them enough to reach the cord from your laptop to your ears? It's even worse when those tangles end up causing your headphones to break.

Well, you won't have to worry about that happening ever again. All you have to do is place three fingers around the end of the cable, wrap it around those fingers, and then loop the last length of the cable crosswise. To watch the method in action, check out the video down below:

You'll never tangle up your headphones again! Do you go through headphones like water?

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I don't have this problem I use wireless headphone.

This is really helpful, I'm going to try that with my headphones

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