7 Apps for Making Friends ...

There are just times in life when a girl looks at her circle of friends – or non-circle – and decides she needs to mix it up a bit. Whether you’re lonely, you’ve moved to a new city, gone off to college, got a new job or your pals just don’t “fit” anymore, harness the power of apps for making friends and never look back. Here’s a sample of the types of apps you’ll find.

1. Meetup

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The Meetup app focuses on group activities that interest different people. Group activities are arranged online or offline, and people meet up to take part. It is mostly around finding platonic friends and meeting new people. It is not about dating, although there are a few lonely men who use the app to try and win women over because they have no luck with dating apps. You can find people in your local area with your general interests and who are around your age group. There is a messaging feature that allows you to send and receive messages within the groups you have joined.

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