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There are just times in life when a girl looks at her circle of friends – or non-circle – and decides she needs to mix it up a bit. Whether you’re lonely, you’ve moved to a new city, gone off to college, got a new job or your pals just don’t “fit” anymore, harness the power of apps for making friends and never look back. Here’s a sample of the types of apps you’ll find.

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Meetup play.google.com

The Meetup app focuses on group activities that interest different people. Group activities are arranged online or offline, and people meet up to take part. It is mostly around finding platonic friends and meeting new people. It is not about dating, although there are a few lonely men who use the app to try and win women over because they have no luck with dating apps. You can find people in your local area with your general interests and who are around your age group. There is a messaging feature that allows you to send and receive messages within the groups you have joined.



Foursquare play.google.com

Use Foursquare to find out where local hotspots are. You can use Foursquare to find events and meetings that interest you. When you get there, you know you have a lot in common with the other people because they too attended the event or meeting. Find other people with both Foursquare and social media to discover the best events and the hottest places to meet people. There is a recommendation engine that you can use to discover organic meet-ups for people with similar interests.



Nearify play.google.com

With this app, you can find out what is happening near you. It involves things that usually require a bit of local knowledge. They are events that people in the area are usually privy to, which makes it ideal for people who are new in town. It tells of annual events, but more importantly, it tells of beer events, outdoor movie screenings, festivals, farmer’s markets, live music, scavenger hunts and meetups. They are a great place to meet people because it is more acceptable to turn up on your own. The app has some great information, such as how on any one day, there are over 11,000 events going on in Los Angeles.


Social Radar

Social Radar play.google.com

With this app, you can find out who is near you and which of your friends are attending local events. Have you just found a new group of people online? Find out if they are near you or at the same event as you. Get alerts if people you may know, or people you would like to know, are nearby. You can even get reminders of their details so you have a few ideas around what to talk about.


Meet My Dog

Meet My Dog itunes.apple.com

Yes, you read that correctly, this app allows dog owners to meet up in local dog walking areas. Instead of putting yourself on the app, you put yourself and your dog. Your dog is the star of the show, and you can make it so that you meet up with other dog owners either on purpose or by accident. For example, you can arrange meetings, or you can try out popular dog walking areas and see if the people you have been talking to are walking their dogs. You can use the walk tracker to show other people where you walk your dog.



Circle circleapp.com

The Circle app is handy for finding something to do if you are feeling a little lonely or if you are new to town. It is full of events and functions that you can attend where you may meet people. There is a fairly diverse range, from things to do with senior citizens, to places you can take your kids and mingle with other parents. You can enter your location and your general interests to see if anything pops up that you fancy, or you can peruse the lists of events to see if there are any events you would consider.



Peoplehunt apple.vshare.com

If you are a more outgoing and extroverted person, then the PeopleHunt app may be for you. It is for people who want to meet new friends, but who are more eager to do it on a one-on-one basis. The people you find via the app are chosen as per your decisions, which means it is not based on mutual or shared interests. The PeopleHunt app is more of an activities based app that doesn’t have a real-world imperative. In other words, you will find a lot of people on the app that do not want to meet up in person. They either want cyber friends or are just killing time and talking to people online. You can also take part in projects that other people are doing, which is a rather fun element of the app if you can avoid the trolls.

Have you used apps to find and meet friends? Which apps did you use? Would you recommend it/them?

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OceanShimmer, Its easier for Women than Men

@Ocean Shimmer: Thanks for the tip!

who knew...wow.

Kiana no its not sad. We are in the internet age now, you can get anything from coffee to sex now at the push of a button.

This is terribly sad 😂😂😭 you have to resort to apps to make friends 😂 even I'm not that bad and let me tell you, I'm pretty bad at friend-making

These are not apps, but shouldn't be left out.

I need to make some new friends 😕

Last but not least, you are capable. You can overcome the struggles you are facing right now, you can reach your goals, you can come out of this stronger, you can, you can, you can! Don't let life's circumstances take you down, instead remember that you are in charge. So get into the driver's seat and take charge, your life is waiting for you!

I can make friends if I wanted too. I suck at quality 👅. I need to find away to find better...😢

It's very difficult, especially for women to make friends, and it doesn't get easier as we age. Not only are there friendship sites structured like dating sites, there are "speed-friending" functions (like speed dating, but for platonic relationships only) and the like now.

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