These Apps Could Possibly save Your Relationship ...

By Heather

There are so many things out there that will help your marriage, help your relationship and help you interacting with your spouse but -- what really helps? Well, I have tried all of these apps below and they just may save your relationship!

1 69 Places

69 Places This app is all about sex baby, it's all about the greatest sex locations and the best positions. Spice up your sex life!

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2 Couple

Couple This app is awesome! You can actually keep in touch with your partner, share your life together and it's all intimate, which is nice sometimes compared to other apps out there.

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3 Fix a Fight

Fix a Fight After I read up on this app, I immediately went over and downloaded it and I love it! It allows you to feel your feelings and really understand your fights.

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4 Expressing Needs

Expressing Needs One of the biggest misconceptions about relationships is that you'll always know what your partner is thinking or needing – this app helps! Promise. Once you know your needs, this app will give you a chance to jot it down.

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5 111 Romantic Love Coupons

111 Romantic Love Coupons Are you looking for a creative gift to give your partner? Well, that's what this app is all about!

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6 Kindu

Kindu This app is all about improving intimacy, which you definitely need in a relationship!

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7 Icebreak for Couples

Icebreak for Couples Are you sometimes stumped on what questions to ask your spouse? This will help!

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8 Bliss

Bliss Ever think of your relationship as a game? This app makes it a game!

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9 Simply Us

Simply Us Are you both really crazy with your schedules? I know I am – this helps! It merges two lives together.

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10 Theatre

Theatre Do you live apart from each other and are trying to make it work? This helps! You can sit down and watch movies and have it time up perfectly!

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11 2Life

2Life This app lets you be you – and still let your partner know what's going on. You can chat, you can share, you can link. It's awesome!

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12 Honey do!

Honey do! This app is so cool! It lets you share grocery lists and you can even assign tasks.

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13 Without

Without This app is for the LDR peeps! Stay strong, it does get better.

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14 Between

Between This app is all about providing an exclusive communication channel for just you two. It's a fantastic way to enrich your relationship and I love, love, love it! I use this all the time with my wife!

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15 Avocado

Avocado There are a ton of different communication channel apps for couples and you'll need to find one that works for you and your spouse, but this one is totally fun!

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16 Couplete

Couplete I like this app because not only can you chat, but you can share each other's current mood and also store all kinds of memories together. How cool!

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