5 Most Badass Female Video Game Characters ...


5 Most Badass Female Video Game Characters ...
5 Most Badass Female Video Game Characters ...

The most badass female video game characters will inspire you to be your best. What girl doesn’t love feeling represented and empowered through their favourite movies, TV shows or, in this case, video games? I know I do! This one goes out to all the girl gamers out there and the badass characters we love playing as, or interacting with, over and over again. Just know the list could go on, but these are my personal favorites and the most badass female video game characters.

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Elizabeth Comstock – Bioshock Infinite

face, eyebrow, head, black hair, forehead, Let’s be real. Is there anything more badass than being able to open tears through time and space, basically manipulating the fabric of the universe? I didn’t think so. Besides Elizabeth’s unnatural yet outstanding abilities, she proved to be a one-of-a-kind ally for protagonist Booker. Elizabeth’s strength and intelligence is a result of years of imprisonment and solitude, years in which she never gave up and decided to invest her time in reading and learning. She is determined without being 100% fearless, and brings a sense of innocence and excitement to the magical world that is Columbia. And let’s be honest, if it weren’t for her lock picking skills, Booker would’ve gotten nowhere. She's definitely one of the most badass female video game characters.


Ellie – the Last of Us

screenshot, girl, cg artwork, computer wallpaper, portrait photography, While The Last of Us is a fictional story, it’s impossible not to feel extreme admiration for this 14-year-old girl and consider her a true role model. Growing up without parents in a post-apocalyptic world and being constantly surrounded by death didn’t fill her with crushing fear or traumatize her in a way that she couldn’t possibly survive. Instead, it’s this background that brings out incredible survival instincts noteworthy for a young teenager, an intelligence and independence that helps her not only fend for herself in dire situations, but also take care and save the lives of others.


Elena Fisher – Uncharted Series

beauty, chin, forehead, model, portrait, I’m not going to argue that Nathan Drake is the major part of what makes the Uncharted series so good, but would that still be the case if he didn’t have the prefect deuteragonist to go along? Much like Ellie with Joel, Elena covers and supports Nathan whenever they’re being attacked, which you’ll know is 99% of the time if you’ve ever played these games. But her presence goes beyond just having Nate’s back. She straight up saves him from imminent death plenty of times, and is more often than not the voice of reason, especially as their relationship progresses. But as a stand-alone character, Elena is an adventurous, sometimes fearless woman who went from TV correspondent to full on investigative journalist, constantly putting herself in harm’s way for her work. And if that’s not enough to make her badass, her creator herself said she’s basically the female version of Nate, so there!


Clementine – the Walking Dead

portrait, painting, girl, picture frame, child, Much like Ellie, Clementine is also a girl who has to face a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested world, all on her own. This becomes even more impressive given the fact that she was only 8 years old when she lost both her parents and her journey with Lee began. Even when she wasn’t the main character, Clementine acted as the moral compass for the group and her intelligence and maturity went way beyond her age. Not to mention the fact that she had to learn to trust complete strangers in order to survive. As the seasons have gone by, she’s lost even more people dear to her and in some cases, has had to be the executioner herself. She’s even been left alone with a newborn baby to take care of! While it’s incredibly sad to see her lose her innocence and become hardened to the point where it feels as if she’s older than the actual adults she meets, you really can’t help but be wowed at her badassery.


Aveline De Grandpré - Assassin’s Creed: Liberation

mercenary, armour, action figure, adventurer, knight, Being an assassin is already badass enough, which you’ll know if you’re a fan of the franchise. Aveline being the first female assassin we can play makes her the best already. Born to a wealthy French merchant and an African slave, Aveline never truly fit in with the slaves nor the nobility, the latter mostly because of her complexion. But this never stopped her from using both personas to her advantage in order to seek freedom and justice for the oppressed. So while she was obviously extremely skilled as an assassin, she also possessed amazing acting skills that allowed her to charm the truth out of targets as a noblewoman, or sneak past others as a slave woman. Most importantly, Aveline was selfless and always recognized her privilege having lived a wealthy and free life, which only encouraged her to help those who needed it, and destroy those who would seek power and control over the rest.

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