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Helpful apps that you can use every day.📱


pink, text, font, magenta, logo, Flo is a period tracker app. It has been so helpful. Flo lets you log symptoms every day and the longer you use it, the more accurate it is. It alerts you before your period and helps you with PMS and your period. MUSI

2 Musi

orange, product, hand, finger, font, A free music app. I have my entire playlist on there. If you download Musi you will have complete access to all the songs you’re looking for whenever you want.


text, font, product, logo, number, Slader is an app that helps with homework. Scan and find any textbook’s answers.


red, pink, text, product, font, Houseparty is like FaceTime. The awesome thing about Houseparty is that you can talk with multiple friends at the same time as a group video chat. Houseparty also alerts you when you’re friends are using the app.


produce, fruit, orange, smile, smiley, Fooducate keeps track of the calories you are eating, along with food points. Fooducate helps you lose weight if you are looking for it and helps you set a goal.


text, font, brand, number, product, For the people who love reading, goodreads is such a great app to have. You find different books and look at their reviews. Even though you don’t have access to read the book on goodreads you can still read a sample of the book. Goodreads has different sections for the different types of books and genres you like and is so helpful in finding a book.

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