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WhatsApp is the go-to messaging platform for lots of people 🚻 these days because it's easy, it's free, it's popular, and it's versatile. What could be better, right? You can use WhatsApp to text to your heart's content, you can have group chats, you can send πŸ“₯ and receive files – it's pretty awesome, honestly. In fact, it's even more awesome πŸ‘ than you know! Like 😻 all great πŸ‘ apps, WhatsApp has all sorts of secret γŠ™οΈ and lesser-known tips and tricks, all of which are must-haves for any girl πŸ‘© who loves ❀️ using WhatsApp!

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Keep Your Creepers at Bay by Hiding the β€œlast Seen” Stamp

WhatsApp's β€œLast Seen” timestamp is almost as horrifying as iPhone's read πŸ“˜ receipts, but the good πŸ‘ news πŸ“° is that it's just as easy to turn 🎲 off. You don't want everyone knowing when you're on πŸ”˜ the app, right? And if you're trying to avoid someone or ignoring someone's messages, you definitely don't want them to know you've been on πŸ”˜ recently. So, if you use an iOS device, just go into your WhatsApp settings, go to Chat Settings, hit Advanced, and you'll see where you can turn 🎲 off πŸ“΄ your last seen timestamp. Unfortunately, Android users πŸ‘₯ typically need to download a third-party app to turn 🎲 off πŸ“΄ their status. That's a bummer!


Get Rid of Those Tattle-tale Ticks

Those damn double checks, making it impossible to sneakily read πŸ“š someone's texts without replying! Not anymore, though. Finally, you can disable those tattle-tale tick πŸ•› marks. Go into WhatsApp, head πŸ‘¦πŸ½ to Account, hit Privacy, then go to Read πŸ“™ Receipts and turn 🎲 off πŸ“΄ those little suckers. You can also simply switch your phone πŸ“³ to airplane πŸ’Ί mode before you read πŸ“• a particular message – just make sure you close it before you turn 🎲 off πŸ“΄ airplane πŸ’Ί mode.


Now, if you've got trust issues or just prefer your privacy, this trick is your new BFF. It's like going ghost mode in your own digital space. Chill out and read messages at your own pace, girl, without that pressure to reply ASAP. Remember though, once you flip Read Receipts back on, those blue ticks will show up for messages you've read during your stealth mode. So, if you're planning to keep it low-key for a while, maybe leave those little blue snitches off for good. Just know it’s a two-way street – you won’t be able to see the ticks on the messages you send either. Keep it balanced!


Back up πŸ†™ Your Chats in Case πŸ’Ό You Need Receipts

Hey, it happens. You need proof that someone said something or confessed to something, and you have the proof! But what if you can't find it? Not a problem on πŸ”˜ WhatsApp, thank goodness. The app automatically backs up πŸ†™ all of your chats, or you can go into your settings and manually back up πŸ‘† your convos – just in case.


Lock πŸ”“ down ⬇️ Your WhatsApp to Keep It Safe from Prying Eyes

Oh, the horror. What would you do if someone got into your WhatsApp chats? Stop βœ‹ even thinking πŸ’­ about it, that's terrifying! As a matter of fact, you can lock πŸ” your app and stop βœ‹ any sneaky Peeping Toms right πŸ‘‰ in their tracks. For this trick, you'll need a third-party app no πŸ™… matter what device πŸ“Ÿ you use, but if you rely on πŸ”˜ WhatsApp for your important or personal πŸ“ƒ conversation, trust me, it's worth a download. Lock πŸ” for WhatsApp is the go-to for iOS users, while Android users πŸ‘₯ typically go for WhatsApp Lock.


Keep Your WhatsApp Pics out of Your Camera πŸŽ₯ Roll

Why is this important? Well, let's say you sometimes take 🎬 personal πŸ“ƒ or intimate pictures πŸ“· on πŸ”› WhatsApp – you don't necessarily what them in your device's general camera πŸ“· roll. What if someone's scrolling through your photos? Head πŸ‘¦πŸ½ to your main Settings, go to Privacy, then go to Photos and turn 🎲 off πŸ“΄ the switch for WhatsApp if you're using an iOS device. For Android users, it's a little more complicated – check βœ”οΈ out #5 for a tip:


Snatch Back πŸ”™ Your Deleted Messages

Accidentally delete a message you wanted to keep? Regret a hasty delete binge? Every day ☁️ at 4:00 am, WhatsApp backs up πŸ‘† your messages. For iOS users, retrieving deleted messages is as easy as uninstalling and reinstalling the app, at which point ↖️ you'll be asked if you want to restore WhatsApp from its backup. Say yes! Again, the process is a bit more complicated for Android, but there's a handy tutorial here:


Send πŸ“  a Bulk Private Message without Everyone Knowing

You know, sometimes you don't want everybody to know that they're receiving πŸ“₯ a group message or broadcast. You also don't want to send πŸ“  your private messages one 1️⃣ by one. Problem solved! All you have to do is use WhatsApp's broadcast πŸ“‘ function. Even though you're sending πŸ“© the same message to a bunch of people, each person 🚹 will receive it as a private message, with just the two 2️⃣ of you participating.

How many of these did you know? If you have any other awesome πŸ‘Œ WhatsApp tips to share, let us know in the comments!

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Great tips πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Ye I stopped reading half way through.. far too many emoticons


Its not true what you saying about difficult for Android user, Well I used samsung for long time already and I've done all the stuff you've mentioned here! Its pretty easy just go to setting. Unless you dont know how the read or dont know what the meaning is!! ;)And yeah if you wanna lock your WA or gallery or any apps in your phone you can simply download "CM security" or if your phone overheated or you wanted to clean junks in your phone just download "CM (Clean Master)"

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