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The Hottest Apps You've Got to Have on Your Phone ...

By Neecey

So many apps, so little time. There’s an app for everything – and more. I’ve pulled together a little list of some random apps that are hot property and will definitely help you out in all areas of your life.

1 Instagram

Instagram, text, cartoon, advertising, brand,Share your moments with the world and see those moments everyone else has shared. Fabulous inspiration and plenty of practical tips too.

Cost: Free

2 DriveSafe Mode

DriveSafe ModeI think all drivers should have this app. It trains you to keep your eyes on the road and to resist the temptation to pick up your phone when driving.
Cost: Free

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3 Moodnotes

Want to keep track of your emotions but don’t want to keep a journal or diary? You’ll love moodnotes. Gives you a fun, techy way to get a handle on your emotional journey.
Cost: $3.99

4 Spruce

SpruceI’m not sure how I feel about apps that connect you to a “medical diagnosis” but the option is there. This one is for all things dermatological. Upload a pic, enter the symptoms and a certified dermatologist will give a diagnosis.
Cost: Free

5 Hopper

HopperEven if you only fly once a year, you need this app. It’s all you need in one handy place – track ticket prices and book great deals.
Cost: Free

6 Period Tracker

Period TrackerEvery woman can do with some help with understanding their menstrual cycle. There are loads of apps to make it easy – this is the simplest and most user-friendly.
Cost: Free

7 Switch

SwitchYou never know when you might need look for a new job. There are lots of job hunting apps but you might like this one because it’s a “swipe” app.
Cost: Free

8 Medium

MediumLooking for a new news and story provider? Try this one!
Cost: Free

9 Mastery

MasteryApparently, to become a true master of something takes 10,000 hours. This app helps you track your progress and more.
Cost: Free

10 Snapmoji

SnapmojiDo you like to punctuation your communications with emojis and gifs and love taking selfies? You will fall in love with this entertaining app.
Cost: Free

11 Colorfy

ColorfyIf you are among those enjoying the growing trend in adult coloring you must get this app. It’s perfect for when you can’t bust out the book and pencils.
Cost: Free

12 Penny

PennyThis is a genuine contender to Mint. It’s far more fun and personal. Yes managing your finances can be fun!
Cost: Free

13 Committo3

Committo3Track your progress towards your goals and monitor your resolutions by making three commitments per day.
Cost: Free

14 Lingvist

LingvistLearn a new language anywhere you like – in 200 hours.
Cost: Free

15 Allrecipes

AllrecipesIf you’re going to use an app to make meals, at least make it easy and use an app that has video tutorials. Like this one.
Cost: Free

16 Square Cash

text, font, product, diagram, line,This is ideal if you have a group of friends with whom you regularly go out and have to split bills.
Cost: Free

17 Uber

text, font, product, diagram, multimedia,Every girl should have Uber on her phone but if you're not happy with Uber, try Lyft instead.
Cost: Free

18 Evernote

text, font, document, line, diagram,It's been around for like, ever, but it remains the most recommended app for note taking (and more)
Cost: Free

19 Snapchat

face, nose, blond, selfie, gadget,The must have accessory for your social life. Message your friends and share photos, videos, text, and drawings.
Cost: Free

20 1Password

text, mobile phone, product, font, gadget,Do you struggle with remembering all your passwords? With 1Password, you only have to remember - yep you guessed it - one. And it's a secure wallet too.
Cost: Free

21 Magisto

text, advertising, font, biology, brand,Make your smartphone videos look like they were produced by a pro, and it takes just a few seconds
Cost: Free

What app can’t you live without?

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