The Tinder App for Finding New Female Friends ...


The Tinder App for Finding New Female Friends ...
The Tinder App for Finding New Female Friends ...

You've heard of Tinder. It's the app that helps singles find other singles to sleep with. But guess what? Now there's an app that's meant for finding you female friends! According to Tech Crunch, it's called Hey!VINA.

How does it work? Well, for starters, only females are allowed to use it. After you sign up, it'll ask you what type of friends you want to have. If you need a workout buddy, it'll help you find one. If you want a party girl to party with, it'll help you find one. Doesn't that sound amazing?

Would you use this app to make new friends?

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Sometimes it's not always easy to just make friends. I think it sounds like a nice idea. I'm thinking that men would use it anyways..

I can't find the app.... Grrr 2nd time an app has been suggested n not available.... Smh


Lmao hahahaha somehow it'll get turned into another fuckbuddy app or something

I would use it, it's always good to make new friends. @Brittany, lol as long as they really are women, not creepy online stalker guys

Is it available for Android?

So exciting!!! I hope it's everywhere soon.

Good idea but don't know how safe it is.

No go out and make friends!

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