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Get Rich by Being Who You Are Legit ...

By Alex

Usually I dislike headlines like: “earn easy money” and “easy ways to earn money”.

So when I stumble on something that promises instant earnings, I'm always trying to be reasonable, before jumping on that train. 🕵🏻

This time it took me sometime to check it. And it's 💯legit.

It's a new social media that is becoming 🚀 popular.

It's called NIMSES. And it's built around the theory of time.⌚️ So it uses minutes of your life as a currency. The currency is called NIM.

NIMs accumulate in NIMBs, halos around your avatar.

One NIM is granted to you every minute of your life after you download the app and register. 🕰

There are also other ways to earn NIMs.
NIMs can be given instead of likes. That's impressive, isn't it? I mean the idea of someone giving me his time just because he likes my picture... that's romantic. 💸 And can be quite resourceful. 💰

So how does it work?

1️⃣ Register
text, font, black and white, monochrome, screenshot,2️⃣ Upload a killer avatar and write a catchy bio
face, eyewear, nose, head, chin,3️⃣ Get verified
facial expression, eyebrow, chin, photo caption, forehead,Now that's where it gets interesting. Since anyone can register and start getting NIMs, in order to start spending your treasures you need to get verified as a real human. How can you do it? You need 6 other REAL HUMANS to verify you.

4️⃣ Start posting
text, font, product, line, area,You can post to the sidewalk. It's not exactly the same as other social media. Sidewalk is seen by everyone within the radius of 2 kilometers (approximately 1.2 miles)
Just remember, that every post will cost you 100 NIMs.

Make sure your post is worth NIMing

5️⃣ Get NIMs
girl, 6️⃣ Spend your NIMs on real things or services
By the way, say bye bye to all of your music apps. Cause NIMSES music subscription allows you to have it all in one place.

The future is here.
Get Nimses application and start saving your time now. Use code «96vhmjpk2m» for registration and get bonus nims.

Get an app here

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